Zach Collaros And Wife Nicole Collaros Share Three Children

Zach Collaros and his wife Nicole have two daughters, Sierra Callia Collaros and Luciana Marie. He also has a son named Andrew.

His son, Andrew, is not biologically related but looks after his daughters and loves them as a godfather.

The QB athlete and Nicole had been together for a while. They supposedly got married in 2019 and have enjoyed their romance ever since.

He plays quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Sports League (CFL) and is an American professional. His wife and children have always supported him in his football endeavors.

He claimed that he plays football to provide for and meet the requirements of his family. Coming from a middle-class background, he stated he wants to grant every one of his children’s wishes and ensure they have a happy life.

Who Is Zach Collaros Wife?

Zach Collaros and his wife Nicole Collaros married in 2019 after being in a long-term relationship.

His wife, Nicole Collaros, is an independent consultant at Arbonne. She sells products that support a healthier mind, body, beautiful skin, and overall healthy living. From protein shakes to collagen builder, there is not much Arbonne does not sell.

She is on Instagram under the handle @nickichicki02. At the moment, only her 973 followers can view her 976 posts.

While Zach has led a wild life of traveling all over for their entire adult lives, his wife has always supported his choices, albeit it can be challenging for her at times because he must go for such a lengthy period.

They live in a house in Aurora, Ontario, where they spend time with family and friends and celebrate various occasions that they post about on social media.

She travels everywhere with him because she loves the town and the team. She loves supporting him and everyone on his team, even if she has to put her trust in him and pack the kids up and be away from the grandparents.

Since the Bombers acquired Collaros in a trade-deadline transaction with the Toronto Argonauts in October 2019, the Steubenville, Ohio native has had a significant impact on the team, and he thanks his wife for providing him with emotional support.

His wife never allows his success to get to his head. She constantly criticizes his play and offers advice on how to get better.

Zach Collaros Is A Father Of Two Daughters

Zach Collaros is a father of two daughters, Sierra Callia Collaros and Luciana Marie. His oldest is aged two and a half years and the youngest is 11 months.

He pushes himself to concentrate more on his job to provide his daughters, Sierra Callia Collaros and Luciana Marie, all they desire and to ensure that he never disappoints them.

In addition, he has a son named Andrew, who is not biologically connected to him but who lives with them constantly and looks after their daughter when Nicole and Zach are away.

In addition to being his daughter’s godfather, Andrew is frequently photographed with his godchildren while out and about or on vacation.

On the other hand, Zach cannot spend as much time with his family as he would like to because he must travel to different locations to play. However, he always makes sure to see them when he is on vacation.

Zach Collaros Have A Very Competitive Family

Zach Collaros has a competitive mindset because it runs in his family.

Michelle, his mother, is most likely more competitive than he is. The quarterback of the Saskatchewan Roughriders claimed that she still refuses to join his team if they are playing euchre just because she wants to defeat him.

The first thing people have brought up when talking about Collaros, a 29-year-old native of Steubenville, Ohio, is his competitive nature, which comes from his family, ever since the Hamilton Tiger-Cats moved him to the Roughriders.

Gainey, his grandma, recalled how she would point out his errors before anyone else could, who would put in extra time in the film room, or who would work on routes with receivers after practice to fine-tune their timing.