Who Is Tony Selby Wife Gina Sellers? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Gina Sellers’s husband, Tony Selby, who was an EastEnders legend, dies at age 83, and she has a very impressive net worth. 

Gina Sellers is yet to give her statement as she is mourning the loss of her beloved husband.

Tony passed away on Sunday, 6th of September 2021, in London.

The statement that was published to announce the death of Tony Selby said, “It is with great sadness that we share the news that actor Tony Selby died peacefully in London yesterday.”


Tony was well respected and liked by family, friends, and colleagues during his 70-year career in theatre, film, and television.

“We will all miss his legendary sense of humor.”

Who Is Tony Selby Wife Gina Sellers?

Gina Sellers was married to her beloved husband, Tony Selby.

The adorable pair’s relationship stems back way in the 80s. They got married on November 22, 1986.

Gina Sellers lived quite a low-key life as there is not much personal info regarding her.

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Tony, on the other hand, made his senior stage debut in 1956 after training at the Italia Conti Stage School.

In 1965, he directed the Royal Court Theatre’s inaugural staging of Edward Bond’s controversial drama Saved.

He has acted in several television shows, including a leading role in the RAF National Service comedy Get Some In! and a recurrent role as the cosmic conman Sabalom Glitz in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

How Old Is Gina Sellers? Age Revealed

Gina Sellers’ exact date of birth is yet to be revealed. Her husband, Tony Selby, on the other hand, was born on February 26, 1938. Unfortunately, he turned 83 years old when he passed away.

Tony’s real name is Anthony Samuel Selby. Selby was born and raised in Lambeth, London.

Selby had an uncredited part as a hood in the first Superman film in the United States.

In the BBC comedy My Family, Selby played Susan Harper’s long-lost father Arthur in the episode “A Decent Proposal,” which aired on August 12, 2011.

He starred in the film Cockneys vs. Zombies in 2012.

In the 2009 episode Meat is Murder of the television series New Tricks, he played Danny Paye, an East End loan shark.

Gina Sellers Family And Children Details

Gina Sellers has two stepchildren named Samantha and Matt.

It is still unclear whether or not Tony and Gina had a child together.

Gina Sellers is the second wife of Tony Selby.

Tony was first married to Jacqui Milburn on October 30, 1964, but they divorced in 1981.

Tony then married Gina Sellers, a Public Relations consultant to Tony, on November 22, 1986.

What Is Gina Sellers Net Worth?

Gina Sellers’ exact Net Worth has not been released yet.

However, her late husband, Tony, was worth between $3 million to $5 million.