Who is the voice actor for sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Lance Reddick was the voice of Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn (2017).

The video game Horizon Zero Dawn was directed by Director Mathijs de Jonge and written by John Gonzalez (narrative director), Ben McCaw (lead writer), Ben Schroder, Anne Toole, Meg Jayanth (additional writing) and Dee Warrick (additional writing).

Reddick also provided the voice and likeness for video game characters Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West (2022), Commander Zavala in Destiny: The Taken King (2015) and Martin Hatch in Quantum Break (2016).

As an actor, Reddick was known for playing Cedric Daniels in The Wire (2002–2008), Phillip Broyles in Fringe (2008–2013), detective Johnny Basil on Oz (1997–2003), Matthew Abaddon in Lost (2004–2010), Charon in the John Wick franchise (2014–2023), Guillermin in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Chief Irvin Irving in Bosch (2014–2020) and Albert Wesker in the Netflix series Resident Evil (2022).

On March 17, 2023, it was reported that Lance Reddick was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. A cause of death was reported as natural causes.