Who Is Philza Wife Misstrixtin Aka Kristin Watson?

Philza wife Misstrixtin is a Minecraft Twitch streamer.

The couple tied the knot in March 2020 after dating for almost five years. Philza has a great fan following in the gaming world, with 3.05 million subscribers on his channel. His then-girlfriend Kristin, now his wife, was frequently mentioned during his streams. Over time, his followers began to value their relationship and turned into followers of her.

He is regarded as a seasoned community member and has participated in several gaming competitions, including Minecraft Mondays and the Minecraft Championship. He plays on the renowned Dream SMP and Origins SMP servers alongside well-known streamers and content producers.

Who Is Philza Wife Misstrixtin Aka Kristin Watson?

Philza is married to his wife, Kristin Watson who is popular by her moniker, Misstrixtin.

Kristin is a Twitch streamer who has 129K followers on her channel. She mainly streams Minecraft videos and is best known for moderating Phil’s streams. She is also seen participating and standing up for Phil and Sleepy Bois Inc. fans on Philza’s channel.

Prior to this, Kristin was a behavioral interventionist for kids. After teaching one of the kids how to play Minecraft, she came across Phil on Twitch. She later joined his team of Twitch moderators. She is available on Instagram under the handle @trixtin, with over 520K followers. You can find a lot of Halloween and spooky costume showoffs on her Instagram.

In addition to streaming and being a moderator on her husband’s channel, she also creates her YouTooz. Her latest character was released today, 25 November.

You can also find, philza’s plush collection on his Instagram. He also sells merchandise on his website,, including hoodies, tees, caps, beanies, socks, and sticker packs.

On his Instagram, Philz often posts photos from his vacation with amusing captions. In some instances, seeing them at ease in their world makes their followers aww.

How Did Philza And His Wife Misstrixtin Got Married?

Philza and his wife Misstrixtin got married in 2020 after some years of dating.

The couple first met through Twitch and were friends prior to developing a romantic relationship. Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA recently discussed how he and his wife began dating in 2015 in one of his streams.

The story came out when one of his subscribers asked him about the song that he frequently associated with him and Kristin. The streamer then shared a touching and emotional account of how their relationship began.

Ph1LzA humorously warned his audience that he was about to tell an extremely emotional story and advised them to prepare their tear ducts while concentrating on his gaming world.

Phil then started reminiscing about the times they were just friends, hanging out and playing games. He recalls how he had feelings for her at the time but wasn’t sure if he should ask her out.

He acknowledged his intense anxiety about what would transpire and that he did not want to ruin his friendship. One night Kristin sent him the song Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, praising the lyrics and asking him to listen to it, he continues.

Ph1LzA told his viewers that it was two in the morning for him. He could no longer hold back after listening to an emotional love song and decided that if he didn’t share his feelings today, he is going to regret his whole life.

He then called her and simply asked her out on a date without fully expressing his feelings of love. He did mention that he likes her though.

He went on to explain how that specific song was what inspired him to confess and begin dating her. The two exchanged vows at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, California, on March 12, 2020.

We can see their wonderful wedding pictures on their Instagram.