Who Is Jacqueline de Vries? Everything To Know About Peter R de Vries Wife

Peter R de Vries’s wife Jacqueline de Vries has not made an official statement regarding her husband’s injury. Continue below for more info on her.

Jacqueline de Vries is a Dutch woman who is widely recognized as a famous family member and celebrity spouse.

Jacqueline is not a very popular personality herself since there is no information regarding her as an individual on the web.

Hence, after the news regarding the condition of her husband, Jacqueline is pretty much searched all over the web.

Also, people are looking for facts about her relationship with her husband Peter R de Vries, and other personal details like her age, social interactions, and others.

Who Is Jacqueline de Vries? Peter R de Vries Wife

Jacqueline de Vries is the wife of the famous Dutch crime journalist and investigative reporter, Peter Rudolf de Vries.

There is not much detailed information regarding Jacqueline as an individual or her professional life and career.

But, it is known that Jacqueline and Peter were married for quite some time now, But, their exact date of marriage or duration of togetherness has not been revealed yet.

Also, they are not separated officially yet, but they do not stay together either. Hence, they have separated on good terms, without a divorce.

Moreover, Peter and Jacqueline have 2 children together: their son Royce de Vries and daughter Kelly de Vries.

Regarding her husband as an individual, Peter is a renowned personality. He has disclosed much information regarding different drug lords and criminal bosses.

Hence, he had gotten a lot of death threats so his family was already scared for him. Eventually, he got shot and is in the hospital in critical condition.

Jacqueline de Vries Age

Jacqueline de Vries’s age is expected to be somewhere around 55-60 years old.

However, her exact date of birth or age has not been revealed yet.

Based on her appearance, her current age range is estimated as mentioned above.

Jacqueline de Vries Facebook

Jacqueline de Vries is not on Facebook.

She might be on the platform but there is no information on the web regarding her profile on this social media.