Who Is Dottie Lamm? Gov. Dick Lamm Wife Now – Age and Family Update

Who is Dottie Lamm? She is former governor Dick Lamm wife. 

Former gov Dick Lamm, aka Richard Douglas Lamm, has recently died. He was a three-time Colorado governor and democrat politician.

He passed away on July 29, 2021, just a week before his 86th birthday. Richard is now survived by his wife and 2 kids. 

Who Is Dottie Lamm? Gov. Dick Lamm Wife Now

Dottie Lamm is the wife of late Gov Dick Lamm. She was the first person to publically confirm her husband’s death.

Apparently, Dottie Lamm stated that Dick Lamm’s death cause was pulmonary embolism complications.

Dottie and Dick got married in 1963 – way before the latter became the Colorado governor. Likewise, Dottie Lamm gave birth to 2 children with her late spouse.

Together, the family enjoyed adventures like diving, climbing, and skiing. Unfortunately, Dick’s demise has left the whole family in sadness.

Dottie Lamm is now grieving Dick’s demise in Colorado. 

Dottie Lamm Age: How Old Is She?

Dottie Lamm is 84 years old aged author. She is just a year younger than her late husband, who passed away at 85 years old.

Likewise, Dottie is a native of New York City. 

As a child, Lamm later moved to California with her family. Her father was a civil engineer based in the state. Likewise, she also attended college to complete her Bachelor’s degree.

In 1959, Dottie met her Richard for the first time. They immediately hit off and got married within some years. Nevertheless, she continued her study after the marriage to graduate with a Master of Social Work.

However, she became a public eye after being appointed as First Lady of Colorado in 1975. She served in the post up to 1987.

Dottie Lamm Family Update

Dottie Lamm family updated that they require privacy in this hard situation. Dick is also survived his son and daughter. Both of them have not spoken to the media yet. 

Dottie Lamm is worth millions in net worth. 

During her 1998 campaign for the US senate, Lamm had raised $1.64 million USD in fortune. However, she lost the election to Ben Nighthorse Campbell.

Apart from this, Dottie is a feminist and founder of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. Likewise, she also launched the Democratic Women’s Caucus of Colorado.

Previously, she also has experience as a teacher at the University of Denver. Furthermore, she frequently volunteers for Somali immigrant children.

We send our love to Dottie and the children. May they find the strength to go through the hard times. Thank You.