Who Is Danilo Marques Wife Isabella Ribeiro Pimentel? Meet The Couple On Instagram

Danilo Marques, a MMA, is married to his wife, Isabella Ribeiro Pimentel. 

According to MMA Fighting, Jailton Almeida secured victory over Danilo Marques in his Octagon debut at UFC Vegas 47 for a TKO victory in a little under three minutes. Marques has now lost two fights in a row. His UFC record now stands at 2-2.

Learn About MMA Danilo Marques Wife Isabella Ribeiro Pimentel- Who Is She?

MMA, Damilo Marques has a wife named Isabella Ribeiro Pimentel. The couple has been married for a few years now. However, they have not shared the details about their relationship.

In addition, there is no background information about her on the web. However, the MMA fighter usually shares her picture on his Instagram handle.

He can be seen sharing the pictures from his vacation, birthdays, and anniversary. Based on his previous anniversary post, it seems they tied the knot on August 12, 2021.

Furthermore, Pimentel seems to be a person who prefers to keep her life private. Therefore, her IG handle is also unavailable to the public, making it difficult to access any information related to her.

Who Are Danilo Marques Family- Does He Have Kids?

Danilo Marques has not talked about his parents, but he consists of four people. He shares two kids with his wife.

Their sons are Fezao and Gael. Based on the pictures from his IG, it seems his elder son is also an athlete. His son seems to have inherited the athletic gene from him.

Marques began performing taekwondo for fun when he was ten years old, and he began boxing at the age of thirteen. After that, he began competing as an amateur and made it his primary pastime for many years. Later, when he was approximately 18, he began training in BJJ to become a complete fighter.

Like him, his son also seems interested in the sports industry.

Danilo Marques Ethnicity Explored

Danilo Marques is a Brazilian MMA fighter, but his ethnicity is yet to be explored. However, according to some information on the internet, the main ethnic group of Brazil is Bronco, also called White Brazilians.

Thus, based on his race, it may be possible that he may belong to Bronco ethnicity. Nevertheless, we cannot confirm the speculation until the fighter reveals it himself.