Who Are Alexander Peters And Jennifer Eyerly? Lily Peters Parents Devastated To Find Their Daughter Dead

Lily Peters is a 10-year-old girl who is a victim and was murdered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Lily’s parents are devastated by the murder of their little girl. 

Lily Peters is a 4th grader killed by her perpetrator in Chippewa Falls, and the police are yet to have anyone in custody. They are seeking tips about Lily Peters.

Lily Peters was reported missing before her murder, and her parents were worried that Lily had not returned from her visit from her aunt.

Who Are Alexander Peters And Jennifer Eyerly? Meet Lily Peters’s Parents

Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly are the parents of Lily Peter, and they were very worried when their daughter did not return from her visit to the aunt’s house.

Alexander and Jennifer reported their daughter missing; through the search and assistance of numerous agencies, her body was found in a wooded area near the walking trail.

The case details are gritty; the authorities have only disclosed limited details. Similarly, people are pouring their sympathies into their parents of Lily for them to remain strong through this circumstance.

Throughout this troublesome period, people and their close relatives have supported Alexander and Jennifer and their son. Also, authorities are constantly working to find out the culprit.

Lily Peters Parents’ Facebook

Lily Peters’s Parents have been active on Facebook.

They are remaining open to the tip lines and collaborating with the police in order to find the perpetrator of the crime.

Likewise, their close relatives, nieces, and nephew have posted a message on Facebook for individuals to pray for Alexander, Jennifer, and their son as Lily was found dead at 9:15 am morning.

Moreover, authorities and first responders worked hard to find the people responsible for the crime. They are also working hard to prevent any scenario affecting young children.

Lily Peters Case Wiki

Lily Peters initially visited her aunt, but she had not returned from her visit, which worried her parents, Alexander and Jennifer. The parents of Lily reported her to be missing.

Consequently, with the help of many agencies, resources, and authorities, they were able to find the body of Lily. M. Peters at 9: 15 am morning in the trail between the end of N. Grove Street and the Leinenkugel’s brewery parking lot.

The authorities are stating that the death of Lily is a heinous crime, and they are conducting a homicide investigation. Many agencies are still working on their leads to find the culprit and motive of the perpetrator.