What movies did Karl Urban play in? What is Karl Urban’s real accent?

Karl Urban has played the movies: The Bourne Supremacy, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Trek, Doom, The Boys, Pete’s Dragon and Thor: Ragnarok.

Karl Urban’s real accent is his native New Zealander accent. He came onto the scene following his appearances in TV series such as Xena: Warrior Princess.

Karl Urban had his first Hollywood role in the 2002 horror film Ghost Ship. Karl-Heinz Urban was born in Wellington, New Zealand.

Karl Urban has appeared in the second and third instalments of  (The Two Towers and The Return of the King) as Éomer.

Karl Urban played John “Reaper” Grimm in Universal Pictures’ 2005 Doom, an adaptation of the first-person shooter video game Doom. Urban serves as a celebrity ambassador for the disadvantaged children’s charity  KidsCan.

In 2007, Karl Urban starred in the Viking adventure Pathfinder. Karl Urban starred as Woodrow Call in Comanche Moon. In May 2022, Karl Urban became an official UNICEF Ambassador.