What Is The 20 Most Popular Funny Thanksgiving Trends On TikTok Right Now?

Trends on TikTok are often topical and change with the seasons and mold according to them.

This is especially true with holidays as they give people an excuse to either utilize old trends or come up with new ones depending on what the holiday is. There’s nary a single holiday, much less a major one, that goes by without one or several trends dedicated to it happening on TikTok.

So, now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, one can imagine that a plethora of TikTok trends dedicated to Thanksgiving will be right around the horizon.

As one of the more low-key holidays when it comes to major American holidays, Thanksgiving gives people an excuse to get creative and utilize various TikTok trends so they can bring more festivity to this celebration of family, friends, and the American way.

Here Are Some Fun Thanksgiving TikTok Trends To Try For This Holiday:

1. Home For Thanksgiving Trend

This trend is perfect for people coming home for Thanksgiving, be they college students or people who live far away.

It works because people, especially women, use the song “Back Home Ballers” from a 2019 Saturday Night Live skit.

This skit, featuring famed actress Cameron Diaz, is about people going back to their families, especially their parents, for Thanksgiving dinner to act like children again.

That means they act pampered and eschew usual adult duties like cleaning their dishes or bringing groceries.

People do this trend by Lipsyncing to the song and then acting out some of the lyrics, like dropping their luggage off to their parents and eating dirtily.

2. Thankful For Trend

In this Thanksgiving trend, people, especially couples, talk about what they are thankful for with each other.

However, a comedic twist to this trend is that, instead of talking about what they are thankful for, they use it to playfully or jokingly criticize or complain to their partner.

This trend works best as a prank where one person in the couple starts talking about what they are thankful for and then ends up listing all the things they are not thankful for.

This can be used for comedic purposes but can lead to the audience not being sure if the couple or whoever is filming the video means it or not.

But, if done well, this trend can lead to a ton of laughs.

3. The Bound2 Trend

This Thanksgiving trend is simple and does not require people to act something out in the video.

It uses the lyrics”Ayo, we made it to Thanksgiving/So ay, maybe we can make it to Christmas” from the song Bound 2 by Kanye West.

In this trend, again more popular with couples, the person making the video showcases pictures, videos, or a text conversation that went from whenever in time but made it to Thanksgiving.

This trend is a cute way to show people that a relationship has lasted long or how confident one is about the relationship.

4. How My Thanksgiving Is Going Trend

This is another comedic Thanksgiving trend where people use a TikTok sound to act out a scenario.

The scenario in question is two people arguing. Thanksgiving, all major holidays, but mostly Thanksgiving, is known for bringing people together.

However, a side effect of people being brought together is that it often leads to fights.

So, the sound in question is from the movie “Ted” where the titular character and his lover fight but do so by bringing up each other’s family members.

This works perfectly for Thanksgiving too, and people are using this trend to make fun of fights that most Thanksgiving dinners lead to.

5. Thanksgiving Dinner Be Like Trend

This trend, unlike before it, is more about the Thanksgiving food arguing amongst themselves.

Using a scene from the 1998 television mini-series The Temptations, where members of the music group argue amongst themselves about who is superior to whom.

Using this sound, people have used to make skits where one food, usually Mac n Cheese, is lambasting the other usual Thanksgiving food like Turkey, Collard greens, and Sweet potato pie, claiming that it is better than all of them.

This skit falls under the classic stereotype that, more often than not, appetizers are better than the main meal when it comes to Thanksgiving food.

6. Which Cousin Are You Trend

This is another family-focused trend where the person making the TikTok comes in through the door as different cousins.

These cousins or cousin categories can range from the cousin who gets along with everyone, the cousin who wants to party, the workaholic cousin, and the like.

The great thing about this trend is that people can utilize it and add family members or cousins pertinent to their specific demographic.

It is also one of the few trends that can be and is used by people of different ethnicities, genders, and races to make fun of the sort of people who come to their parties.

7. Thanksgiving Be Like Trend

This trend is a little more on the edgy and disrespectful side, as instead of making fun of people, it attacks them.

As stated above, Thanksgiving is known for being a hotbed of tensions between family members.

So, it leads to a lot of arguments, but in this trend, people make skits about an argument that someone ends by bringing up something criminal or borderline criminal someone did.

For example, someone can be making fun of another person for something innocent, like watching cartoons as an adult, then the recipient of the joke will bring up something serious like the previous person having illegal relations with a minor.

This trend makes fun of the racy aspects of Thanksgiving dinners.

8. Last Day Before Thanksgiving Break Trend

Unlike the trends before, this one is more focused on children, or more specifically, school-going children.

In this trend, they make fun of school or do something funny at school during the last day before Thanksgiving Break.

This can be a dance, a prank, or something funny like a silly face at the teachers.

It’s pretty self-explanatory and quite simplistic in execution.

9. Are You Full Yet Trend

This is another simplistic trend where someone asks another person if they are full yet.

The person asking is usually trying to get the other person to leave, while the person being asked is trying to eat more food and slowly getting annoyed.

However, despite how annoyed they get, they still don’t realize that the first person is trying to politely ask them to leave.

This misunderstanding between the two causes friction and comedy in this scene.

10. Sweet Yamz Trend

This trend is a reaction to an advertisement that famed rapper Fetty Wap did for Bruce’s Yams.

This trend is quite simplistic, too as whoever chooses to make it either reacts to or acts out the Sweet Yamz song that Fetty Wap is singing.

One of the most popular methods seen is simply people reacting to Fetty Wap’s song.

It is trending because Fetty Wap, who used to be unavoidably successful in 2015, sort of disappeared from mainstream music in the latter half of the 2010s.

For a lot of people, the Sweet Yamz song is how they have rediscovered Fetty Wap.

11. Byron (Biden) Trend

This trend is reworking a previously successful sound called the Joe Byron meme that was popular last year.

The original sound came from an interview that the TikTok channel Sidetalk NYC did.

In their interview, they went around New York interviewing various people who talked in a very New York Way.

In one of these videos, the interviewer asked the interviewee what they are thankful for thanksgiving, and the interviewee replied, “beans, rice, Jesus Christ, and Byron.”

By Byron, they mean President Joe Biden. People have repurposed this meme to mean either their lover or family when the person says byron.

12. Favorite Cousin Trend

This trend is another family-focused one where the trend is simply two cousins meet.

A famous stereotype for Thanksgiving is that there is always a favorite cousin.

So, in this trend, two people meet and either start dancing or doing something funny to symbolize that they are each other’s favorite cousins.

This trend is quite popular because of its simplicity and universal appeal.

13. Thanksgiving Coming Up Trend

This trend is another food-related one and is also quite simple.

In this trend, people simply purport a question: Thanksgiving is coming up, what are we going to do?

And then, they reply with various thanksgiving food like turkey, ham, collard greens, sweet potato pie, and mac and cheese.

However, they also sometimes throw in a funny reference to make the video comedic.

14. Thanksgiving Fit Trend

Though thanksgiving is usually a family event where people don’t dress up, this trend is the opposite.

Here, a person, usually a woman, makes a video showing off their clothes, usually expensive or nice-looking ones.

There isn’t much else to the video except showing off one’s clothing.

They often do so with a rap song in the background.

15. UNameItChallenge Trend

This trend is a reworking of another challenge called the UNameItChallenge.

The original challenge was a dance where people danced to the viral “Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes You Name it” sound that became popular last year.

In the thanksgiving version, whoever is making the TikTok simply dances any moves to the sound while cooking or serving thanksgiving food.

It surprisingly fits well with Thanksgiving vibes.

16. Wholesome Thanksgiving Trend

Unlike many of the aforementioned trends, this one is very simple and heartwarming.

Here, one simply makes a TikTok video celebrating all the wonderful and cute things about Thanksgiving, like visiting your parents’ house, meeting family members, etc.

There is usually an indie song playing in the background and fall foliage all around as an aesthetic.

17. Only Single One Trend

This is another dance-focused trend but instead, is done so alone.

The focus of this trend is that if one is the only single person at the Thanksgiving dinner, they must dance.

This trend is because Thanksgiving is usually for families and people bringing their significant other.

So, if one does not have a significant other after reaching a certain age, they are made fun of or feel a bit left out.

As such, most people doing this dance are in their mid-to-late 20s when they are expected to be married or have a significant other serious enough to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

This dance is usually done to the tune of a sped-up version of the Katy Perry song, The One That Got Away.

The song is fitting as it is about a lover who got away and has a funny yet sad vibe.

18. Cooking Recipe Trend

This is a very simplistic trend, perhaps the most dynamic one.

Here all the person making the trend has to do is make Thanksgiving food.

Most people end up making something sweet like Sweet Potato Pie or Casserole, though some have also put up their turkey recipe.

There is a subsection of people who make weird and zany food but still make it Thanksgiving-related.

19. Day Before And Day After Thanksgiving Trend

As with most gatherings where alcohol is involved, Thanksgiving dinners can often lead to inebriation.

This trend makes fun of that fact, as the day before, part of the trend can be someone asking another person how they think thanksgiving is going to go and then what happens afterward.

This can often lead to funny and comedic videos.

20. Friendsgiving Trend

Lastly, not everyone has a family they can or wish to spend Thanksgiving with.

So, the Friendsgiving trend is for people without a family to go back to or feel safe.

The trend is simply friends celebrating thanksgiving together; more often than not, it happens with city-living and LGBT people.

The former because it’s too much of a hassle to go back home, and the latter because. more often than not, they don’t have a home to go back to.