What happened to Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Irish actor, model, and musician Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born on July 27, 1977. His first acting part was in the 1994 movie A Man of No Importance, which he changed his name to Rhys Meyers because he thought his true name, O’Keeffe, was dull.

He played the Anti-Treaty IRA sharpshooter who assassinates Michael Collins in the 1996 film. In Velvet Goldmine (1998), he portrayed a glam rock star who was influenced by David Bowie. He had appearances in Titus as the sadistic Goth prince Chiron and Ride with the Devil as the psychotic Bushwhacker Pitt Mackeson in 1999.

He played a passionate girls’ football coach in Bend It Like Beckham (2002) and appeared alongside Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair (2004). He played Steerpike in the BBC’s Gormenghast in 2000.

What happened to Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Since 2004, Jonathan and Reena Hammer, Ruby Hammer’s daughter, have been rumored to be dating. Jonathan reportedly had a significant alcohol issue for which he even had to enter a recovery center. Geraldine, his mother, passed away from a disease in November 2007. He was reported for engaging in disruptive behavior, which included using a racial epithet.