Was Tessa Virtue Married To Scott Moir? New Boyfriend Morgan and Net Worth

The ice dancer Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who were partners for 22 years, are not married.

Tessa and Scott danced as a team when they were seven and nine, and they last competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics; the pair is the most decorated figure skater in Olympic history.

Virtue began skating at age six when she attended Holy Names High School; she also did gymnastics, track, and other sports. Likewise, Moir started skating when he was three, following his mom’s encouragement to improve his hockey performance; he competitively played hockey in his teens.

Was Tessa Virtue Married To Scott Moir?

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir never married, but they have known each other for years; they became ice dance partners when Tessa was seven and Scott was nine.

The pair won many championships before they retired in 2019; however, they were never romantically involved with one another. Although fans thought they would eventually end up together for the chemistry they shared, they have different life partners, and the retired ice dancers never took the wedding vows.

Virtue and Moir were partners for 22 years before they decided to take a permanent break from their careers; they are best friends and think the world of one another. Even though the athletes have found the love of their lives, they will forever remain good friends and have mutual support.

Scott Moir Is Married To Jaclyn Mascarin

Scott walked down the aisle with his first ice dancing partner Jackie Mascarine; before partnering with Tessa, his skate partner was his future wife.

The retired ice dancer announced his engagement to his lover at the Canada Walk of Fame Hometown Star Ceremony in 2019. However, the pair had to postpone the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Later in 2022, Moir exchanged wedding vows with Mascarin, and they will mark their first wedding anniversary on the 24th of June, 2023. Moreover, they also have a daughter born in 2021, and he dreams that the little one will idolize Virtue, his dancing partner of 22 years. 

Tessa Virtue Is In A Relationship With Morgan Rielly

Virtue is in love with Morgan Rielly; she confirmed dating the Toronto Maple Leaf’s defenceman in 2020; their fans got convinced they were lovers before they went public.

The retired ice dancer and the ice hockey player made their first public appearance at Leafs Gala in January 2020. But they kept their love life quiet for some time to enjoy their privacy.

Furthermore, the couple met through mutual friends, and they once quarantined together in Vancouver. However, Tessa and Morgan have maintained low profiles; they don’t post their precious moments on social media.

Morgan Rielly Is An Ice Hockey Player

Rilley is also an athlete; he plays ice hockey in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Maple Leafs as the team’s defenceman and alternate captain.

The Maple Leafs drafted him in the first round of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft; before that, he played with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the Western Hockey League. Furthermore, the athlete has also represented Canada internationally on several occasions, including at the 2016 World Championship, and became a gold medalist.

While growing up, Morgan and his paternal family from Hamilton, Ontario, were fans of the Maple Leafs. His family owns a lab named Maggie; his mom Shirley is a cancer researcher and holds a medical company.

The ice hockey player debuted for his dream team in a match against the Ottawa Senators on the 5th of October, 2013. His coach Mike Babcock was impressed with his progress throughout the 2015–16 season and signed a six-year contract worth $30 million on the 13th of April 2016. Similarly, he extended his agreement (eight-year) with a value of $60 million on the 29th of October 2021.

Tessa Virtue Husband: Has She Started A Family? 

The 33 years old retired ice dancer is not yet married as she hasn’t walked down the aisle with her partner Morgan; thus, they haven’t started a family yet.

Tessa has not proclaimed getting engaged to the love of her life and hasn’t posted any pictures of exchanging the wedding vows with the ice hockey player.

The former athlete goes by the username @tessavirtue17 and has shared 1.5k attachments on her verified Instagram account. However, she prefers sharing posts related to her career and achievements instead of posting her private life affairs. 

Likewise, her lover has made 125 posts under @morganrielly while sharing his lifestyle as an ice hockey player. Moreover, he has accumulated 158k followers on social media. In contrast, 429k users follow his girl as of the 12th of October 2022.

Tessa Virtue And Morgan Rielly Shares Five Years Of Age Gap

Rielly is younger than Virtue by five years; the retired ice dancer was born in London, Canada, in 1989, whereas the ice hockey player was born in 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Tessa is 33 years old and raises a toast to mark her birthday on the 17th of May every passing year. Furthermore, her astrology is the second in the zodiac, Taurus, symbolized by the bull.

Likewise, Morgan is 28 years old and celebrates a successful turn around the sun on the 9th of March under the star sign Pisces, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s defenceman blows the candle to commemorate his special day two months before his partner. And although they have a few years of differences, the pair share unconditional love and trust for each other.

Who Are Tessa Virtue Parents? 

Kate Virtue and Jim Virtue are the beloved parents of Tessa, and they have always supported her in everything she does; the former athlete trained in gymnastics, track, and other sports since her childhood.

Born in London, she went to Canton, Michigan, in the US in 2004 to train under Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva. After moving back home in 2014, Virtue moved to Montreal, Quebec, in 2016 to get coached by Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon.

The retired ice dancer moved back and forth since she was a teenager and her mother and father played a significant role in her success. Without their support and encouragement, she couldn’t have accomplished all the accolades she has today.

Furthermore, she inherited her flawless skin, hair, eyes, and smiles from her beautiful mom, along with a good personality and attitude. Kate also has good taste in fashion and often styles her daughter on special occasions; she designed Tessa’s ice-dancing outfits when she was a kid.

The Former Ice Dancer Has Three Siblings

Tessa is not a single child; her parents blessed her with three siblings, so they will always accompany each other on good and bad days.

She has two brothers, Casey Virtue and Kevin Virtue, and a sister Jordan Virtue who is also her second mom. Furthermore, the former athlete has shared many beautiful pictures from their childhood on her social media.

Jordan is her best friend; she often expresses how much she loves and adores her family through social networking sites; however, her brothers are not active on social media platforms.

Although her sister has an Instagram account under the username @jejvirtue, she hasn’t let the general public view her feed. Virtue has made 60 attachments visible to only 567 users who follow her. 

Tessa Virtue Net Worth And Career In A Nutshell

Virtue had a successful ice dancing career and has won several accolades while paring with fellow retired ice dancer Scott Moir, but she has yet to share the net worth she earned as an ice dancer.

The former athlete is a three times Olympian, World champion, and Four Continents champion. Likewise, she is also an eight-time Canadian National champion and the 2016–17 Grand Prix Final champion.

Tessa has won several other competitions, holds the world record score for the now-defunct original dance, and has achieved a Super Slam; thus, the duo got regarded as one of the most profound ice dance teams ever. Moreover, the retired ice dancers also got inducted into the Order of Canada for their athletic excellence.

Virtue Is The Face Of Nivea Canada

The forever young and beautiful retired ice dancer is the face of Nivea Canada; she was also one of the profiles of the new MAC Canadian Original Campaign in 2019.

 Virtue earns sound finances from brand endorsements and social media partnerships & promotions; she has partnered with various brands, including Colgate, Adidas, Nivea, The Brick, Kashi, Batiste Canada, and more.

Furthermore, she has a jewelry line with Hillberg & Berk and has launched an eyewear collection with Montreal-based company BonLook; Tessa credited her mother for her passion for design. 

The former athlete also received an Encore GX when she partnered with Buick Canada in 2020; she shared the pictures of the car on her Instagram on the 20th of October 2020.

Some FAQs

Is Tessa Virtue Married?

Tessa Virtue is yet to get married; the retired ice dancer has not walked down the aisle with her partner.

Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir still friends?

Yes, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are still friends and treasure their 22 years of achievements and dancing as a team.

Did Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir date?

Although Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were dance partners for over two decades, they never got involved romantically or dated each other.