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Ulrich Thomsen Biography

Ulrich Thomsen is a Danish actor and filmmaker born on 6 December 1963 in Odense, Denmark. He is best known for appearing in 1998’s Festen and 1999’s The World Is Not Enough as well as the TV series Banshee. Thomsen has also performed in several theatres in Copenhagen, such as Dr. Dantes Aveny, Mungo Park and Østre Gasværks Teater.

He graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in 1993 and made his feature debut in 1994 starring in Ole Bornedal’s Nightwatch. His major breakthrough came in the 1998 film Festen (The Celebration) by Thomas Vinterberg. Another film that made him well known was acting a bad guy role in the James Bond film ‘The World Is Not Enough’ (1999) portraying the part of henchman Sasha Davidov.

He has also starred in a number of other roles including, Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘The Biggest Heroes’ (1996), Susanne Bier’s ‘Sekten’ (1997) and Anders Thomas Jensen’s ‘Flickering Lights’ (2000). He also took part in the English film ‘Killing Me Softly’ (2002). He starred as a series regular in Banshee playing the role of primary antagonist, Kai Proctor.

His international feature films include the box office smash Bond: The World is Not Enough, Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘The Weight of Water’, Menno Meyjes’ Max, Chen Kaige’s ‘Killing Me Softly’, Ridley Scott’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Tom Tykwer’s ‘The International’.

He is also featured in other international films including; The Rocket Post, The Zookeeper, Blue Print, Mostly Martha, Opium, Hitman, Duplicity, Tell Tale, Centurion, Season of the Witch, The Thing and The Silence.

Thomsen has also starred on television series such as Alias, in the BBC miniseries, The Virgin Queen and in the TNT Miniseries The Company, produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Mikael Salomon.

Ulrich Thomsen Age

Thomsen was born on 6 December 1963 in Denmark. He is 54 years old as of 2017.

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Ulrich Thomsen Wife

He is married to Cathrine Ekehed and together they have two children.

Ulrich Thomsen Net Worth

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Ulrich Thomsen Kingdom Of Heaven

Still in grief over his wife’s sudden death, village blacksmith Balian (Orlando Bloom) joins his long-estranged father, Baron Godfrey (Liam Neeson), as a crusader on the road to Jerusalem. After a perilous journey to the holy city, the valiant young man enters the retinue of the leprous King Baldwin IV (Edward Norton), which is rife with dissent led by the treacherous Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas), who wishes to wage war against the Muslims for his own political and personal gain.

Initial release: 2 May 2005 (London)
Director: Ridley Scott
Box office: 211.7 million USD
Budget: 135 million USD
Awards: Satellite Award for Best Original Score, European Film Awards Audience Award for Best Actor

Ulrich Thomsen Banshee

A recently paroled master thief assumes the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee, Pa., where his former lover and partner in crime relocated years ago and reinvented herself as Carrie Hopewell, the wife of the town’s prosecutor. As Lucas attempts to reunite with Carrie and keep his past a secret, he resumes his life of crime, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier, including a mob boss who seeks revenge against Lucas and Carrie for the jewel heist that landed Lucas in prison.

First episode date: 11 January 2013
Final episode date: 20 May 2016
Network: Cinemax
Director: Greg Yaitanes

Ulrich Thomsen Movies | Film

Year Film Title Role
1994 Nattevagten (night watch) Rod 1
1996 Portland Lasse
De nye lejere (The new tenants) Peter
De største helte (The greatest heroes) Peter
Café Hector (Hector Coffee) Christian
1997 Kys, kærlighed og kroner (Kiss, love and crowns) Holger
Sekten (sects) Svane
Royal Blues Christian
1998 Baby Doom Magnus
Tempo (Time) Dirgenten
Festen (Firm) Christian Klingenfeldt-Hansen
Angel of the Night Alex
Election Night Peter
1999 The World Is Not Enough Sasha Davidov
2000 Maries Herz (Marie’s heart)
The Weight of Water John Hontvedt
Blinkende lygter (Flashing lights) Peter
Solen er så rød (The sun is so red) Sælgeren
2001 Bella Martha Samuel “Sam” Thalberg
Mike Bassett: England Manager Dr. Hans Shoegaarten
The Zookeeper Dragov
P.O.V. – Point of View Henrik
2002 Den gamle møller (The old mills) Kulturgangster I
Killing Me Softly Klaus
Max Karl Mayr
2003 Arven (The legacy) Christoffer
Baby Marc
Blueprint Dr. Martin Fisher
2004 The Rocket Post Gerhard Zucker
Brødre (Brothers) Michael
Sergeant Pepper Johnny Sínger
2005 Adams æbler (Adam’s apples) Adam Pedersen
Kingdom of Heaven Templar Master
Allegro Zetterstrøm
2006 Han, hun og Strindberg (He, she and Strindberg) N/A
Sprængfarlig Bombe (Explosive Bombe) Tonny Jensen
Der Liebeswunsch (The love wish) Jan
2007 Ópium: Egy elmebeteg nő naplója (Opium: A diary of a mentally ill woman) Dr. Brenner
Vikaren (The Substitute) Jesper Osböll
Fremkaldt (provoked) Nikolaj
Hitman Mikhail Belicoff
2008 One Shot N/A
The Broken Dr. Robert Zachman
Den du frygter (The one you fear) Mikael
Reservations Leigh
2009 Lulu und Jimi Harry Hass
The International Jonas Skarssen
Duplicity Big Swiss Suit
Tell-Tale Lethe
2010 Centurion Gorlacon
Das letzte Schweigen (The last silence) Peer Sommer
Hævnen (the revenge) Claus
2011 Season of the Witch Johann Eckhardt
The Thing Dr. Sander Halvorson
2012 Aya Mr. Overby
2013 A nagy füzet (The big notebook) Officer Tiszt
The Miracle Jakob
2014 En chance til (One more chance) Simon
Livsforkortelses Ekspert (Life Abbreviation Expert) Michael
2015 Mortdecai Romanov
Skyggen af en helt (The shadow of a hero) Gustaf (voice)
Sommeren ’92 (Summer ’92) Richard Møller Nielsen
2016 Kollektivet (collective) Erik
In Embryo Peter
2017 Dræberne fra Nibe (The kills from Nibe) Edward
Darling Kristian
2018 Gutterbee N/A
I Krig & Kærlighed
(In War & Love )

Television Shows

Year TV Show Title Role
1995 Mappen (Folders)
1996 Charlot og Charlotte (Charlot and Charlotte) Doctor
1997 Bryggeren (brewer) Gartner Jørgensen
1999 Naja fra Narjana (Naja from Narjana) Far
Dybt vand (Deep water) Flygge
2000 Labyrinten (Labyrinth) Danish policeman
2003 Ins Leben zurück (Back to life) Eric Lundgren
2005 Alias Ulrich Kottor
The Virgin Queen Baron Casper Breuner
2007 The Company Starik zhilov
2009 Entführt (kidnapped) Dr. Albert Brand
Blekingegade Jørn Moos
2011 Den som dræber (Those Who Kill) Martin Høeg
Fringe Man in Zeppelin / Mr X
2013–16 Banshee Kai Proctor
2014 In der Überzahl (In the majority) Stig
2016 The Blacklist Alexander Kirk / Konstantin Rostov
2017–18 Counterpart Aldrich

Ulrich Thomsen Awards

Year Award/Nomination Category
1998 Robert Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role The Celebration
2003 The Inheritance
2004 (nominated) Brothers
2005 (nominated) Adam’s Apples
2008 (nominated) Fear Me Not
1999 Bodil Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role The Celebration
2003 The Inheritance
2004 (nominated) Brothers
2008 (nominated) Fear Me Not
1997 Robert Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role The Biggest Heroes

Ulrich Thomsen Interview

Ulrich Thomsen News

ARD is shooting new spy thriller

For the anniversary of the Berlin Wall

In the thriller, a double agent from the GDR falls in love with her CIA boss (Ulrich Thomsen). By 2019, the shooting will extend across Berlin.

Adopted from:
Published: 13 November 2018

Funny warning sign for a hospital: “Stop! Do you feel sick? If you are ill today, please do not enter the embassy area. “But the rather run-down building complex at Fabeckstrasse 62 in Lichterfelde has long been no longer in the care of the health care system, since 1994 no more than the Americans have their hospital and their entire military presence in Berlin tasks.

So it has to be some kind of movie prop, as well as the foyer, the old device for scanning visitor bags, with the sign on the conveyor belt, as well as the cleanly stacked concrete cuboids, which turn out to be light polystyrene poles, or the turnstiles of Perey, New York.

Welcome to the past: In the empty buildings, in a few years – in Berlin an elastic concept – the future will be housed in the form of the technology and start-up center Fubic, a kind of counterpart to Adlershof with spin-offs of the FU. At the moment, however, “Wendezeit” is being played here – the working title of a spy thriller, which is to be broadcast in the fall of 2019 as an ARD event film on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In many corners of Berlin, the team has filmed director Sven Bohse, in the Karl-Marx-Allee, in the former Stasi headquarters, in the residential area of ​​the Westend – where there was also a building that goes smoothly in the movie as DDR-Plattenbau – , in the “Berliner Straße” of the Babelsberg studios and now here in the former US military hospital in Steglitz.

Between two identities
The West Berlin CIA resident has been built here, which in reality was housed in the US headquarters in the Zehlendorfer Clayallee – one of the central venues of the story agent, workplace of the main character Saskia, presented by Petra Schmidt-Schaller. A young woman with secret Eastern biography, spy in the service of socialism, sent by agent Markus Wolf personally in the track and landed perfectly in the class enemy.

Stupid only that she actually loves the American she married to optimize her legend and her two children anyway. The conditions in the GDR have made them but also thoughtful, somehow they can keep their two sides still in balance, as it suddenly comes to an end with the GDR and the beautiful double life threatens to fly up.

Among the spies are double agent Saskia (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) and her CIA chief (Ulrich Thomsen).