Travel To Australia: How To Get Your Visa Easily

Australia has become an alternative to many Nigerians seeking to get out of this country in search of “greener pasture”, especially when they get turned down by other countries like United Kingdom, United States, France and other European countries.

The affiliation between Australia and the western world is so strong; do not forget that Australia was colonized by the United Kingdom. If you are one of those Nigerians that want out and your destination is Australia, not to worry; the information given here will give you hints on how to get Australian visa easily.

Go through an employer

Things can get very easy for you if you are entering Australia through an employer. The employer will be responsible for sponsoring you and this will make the whole process very easy for you.

It may be better to use your certificate to seek for job in Australia first before you start processing the visa. If the job “clicks”, the employer will be the one responsible for sponsoring your visa application and this will make the process very easy for you.

Go through the General Skill Migration program

This is a special program via which professionals are permitted to enter Australia.  The program is for those within the range of 18 to 50 years of age.  The program allows you to enter Australia and better the lot of the country in your particular field.

It is mandatory for anyone entering Australia via this program to know how to speak very good English. You will have to choose your area of expertise among the following lists:

  • Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)
  • Employer Nominated Skilled Occupation List (ENSOL)
  • Critical Skills List (CSL)
  • Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Go through business and investment route

This option is made available for those individuals between the ages of 18 and 45. This option opens the door to those who seek to invest in Australia. You will be given Business Skills Visa.

However, you must have a business you plan to invest in Australia before you are given this particular kind of visa, which means you must have done your survey and feasibility study long before you leave Nigeria. Reports of such survey must also be presented during the visa interview.

Doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurse are in short supply in Australia. If you are a doctor or a nurse, you will never have problem getting an Australian Visa.  Australian authority even welcomes you into their country to stay on permanent basis.  Aside doctors and nurses, dentists, radiologists or anyone skilled any field of the medical profession is always welcome in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa