Theo Von Sister Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski Is A Nurse

Theo Von sister Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski is a nurse at PFH. Rolanda is married and has two children.

Theo is a stand-up comedian, television personality, podcaster, actor, and a youtube.

He was raised alongside his three siblings in Covington, Louisiana. He completed his studies at Mandeville High Scholl and later joined Louisiana State University.

He changed colleges between University of Arizona, Loyola University New Orleans, Santa Monica College, and College of Charleston.

Finally, he gained an undergraduate degree from the Univerity of New Orleans in 2011.

The comedian began his professional career in 2000 when he appeared in Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. After three years, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue the comedy profession.

He appeared in the reality show The Challenge, The Real World, Battle of the Season, and more.

Theo Von Sister Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski

Theo Von sister Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski is an ER Nurse. Theo grew up with his three siblings in Louisiana.

She works at Prairieville Family Hospital as Emergency Department Registered Nurse in Prairieville, LA, United States. She felt thankful to serve the community as the ER staff at PFH.

Besides this, she works as an instructor at Lifeline. She also served at Baton Rouge General Medical center, where she works in the PRN emergency and ICU.

Previously, she was a registered nurse at Our lady of the Lake.

She married Yancy Hebert, and the couple has two daughters together. Her ex-husband is a mechanic who also builds a dirt bike track.

The pair probably split around 2020, as the nurse used to share her ex-spouse’s photos until 2019.

Although the couple separated, they co-parent their children. Also, she has been dating a new partner since September 29, 2022.

Currently, she is in a relationship with David Thibodeaux. He is from Gonzales, Louisiana, and attended East Ascension High School.

Madison Hebert is the daughter of the nurse. She is an EAHS Soccer, Track & field racer. She is also skilled in the musical instrument trombone.

She will complete her graduation from Ascension public school in 2026, and she is a member of Ascension Fight 08G Blue.

She even headed to Nationals with her amazing cheer team in December 2022. In her Instagram bio, she mentioned she is a professional maker of bad decisions.

Her younger daughter Jacie Hebert and her squad raise the money they need to compete in Nationals at Disney in February 2023.

She was one of the Central Middle School cheerleaders who participated in the National Cheerleading Competition. She has a lovely dog Macho who she treats like her child.

The nurse mentioned August 2021 to March 2022 were some of the darkest days of her life, as she gained 20 lbs.

She went from size six jeans to size nine and couldn’t fit into clothes she had for the last five years. In May, she started a C25K app and lost 15 pounds.

The Comedian Has Three Siblings

Theo Von siblings are one elder brother Zefferino and two younger sisters, Rolanda and Whitter Vonkurnatowski.

Older Brother Zefferino VonKurnatowski

Theo Von has an older brother Zeff. He is the eldest child in Von’s family.

He worked at the non-profit organization Cenikor Foundation devoted to helping people with substance use and behavior disorders. He is a real estate agent.

He joined Stark County High School and later studied at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Los Angles, United States.

He is from Wyoming, Illinois. He currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When he moved to Utah, he hired part-time staff to help him with property management. He has two tri-plexes to manage from a distance, so he did some of his work remotely and asked his part-time worker for showings, occasional site visits, getting keys to contractors, etc.

He married Ashley Hope von Kurnatowski on August 22, 2010, and has three children, two sons, Maximus and Zeffy, and a daughter Stella Blue.

Younger Sibling Whittier Capitani Von Kurnatowski

She is the beautiful younger sister of the actor who supports her family. She shared the post of her children, husband, and siblings on her Facebook page.

She supported both brothers’ careers and even helped Zefferino in his property management work. Analyzing her profile, she gave vital importance to her family members.

Once, she wished her beautiful niece Stella Blue on her birthday. She called her by the sweet name Blue Bean Bear.

She mentioned her niece reminded her so much of herself as she was fierce and didn’t take no for an answer at her young age.

She even shared the high school memory when the siblings would walk to the bus stop in the winter, and her elder brother had put on jean shorts and a short sleeve guns and roses shirt.

Meet Theo Von’s Parents

Theo Von parents are Roland Kurnatowski and Gina Capitani. He lost his father at a young age, and his mother rasied him as a single mom.

Father Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski

Theo Von father Roland Kurnatowski passed because of cancer when the actor was only 16.

He was born in 1910 and raised in Nicaragua. Later, he moved to the United States in 1922. As a result, he was 70 when he had Theo.

The actor even mentioned his dad previously served as a mahogany farmer while he appeared on the Tiger Belly podcast.

Roland was the close friend of actor-singer and actor Harry Connick Jr father. But he explained in 2026 KiddNation that he had never encountered the singer at those time.

He passed away in 1996 at age 86 when the actor was only 16. So, he felt frustrated as he couldn’t learn more about him.

He even mentioned his dad on the This Past Weekend podcast series and their relationship due to the huge age difference.

On father’s day, he shared the old photo of his dad and mom holding him when he was a small kid. He continued his dad liked to tell stories and eat shrimp.

Mother Gina Capitani

He was raised by a single mom after his father’s demise.

On mother’s day, he greeted Gina and captioned she loved him even when he was wearing bandanas.

On July 9, 2018, he wished his mum on her birthday. They celebrated her special day in Ascension Parish. His brother and his children also accompanied them.

His mother was happy while enjoying time with unbraided Willie Nelson style. Like the actor, his mum likes the music of American singer and songwriter Nelson.

In 2019, his mum drove from Tucson to Phoenix to watch her son’s performance, as she had not seen him perform in five years.

Theo Von Dating History

Von is currently single. He previously dated Brandi Glanville and Sarah Greyson.

Brandi Glanville (2016)

Von was in a relationship with Brandi Glanville. She is an American television personality known for her appearance in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to People, the couple started dating in 2016. The couple was spotted together when the reality star joined the comedian podcast Allegedly with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss.

Later, she invited the Last Comic Standing vet to her podcast Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered.

They created a great bond as the actor mentioned their hilarious date in his podcast on one of his episodes.

He mentioned a fake name Shmandi Shmanville while hiding his girlfriend’s name. He added she came to his comedy show.

Sarah Greyson (2003)

Theo dated the American reality star Sarah Greyson in 2003.

However, their relationship did not work for long, and they separated after a few months.

While they were in a relationship, they were not part of the entertainment industry. They both chose acting, but they have not appeared together on screen.

Greyson played in Long Ago, Pass Out, Post Wake, Worth, and Two Birds. Her upcoming movies are Juke Box Hero and The Cut.