Quickteller DSTV Box Office: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for information on the Quickteller DSTV Box Office, then you’re on the right page. Read on!

Immediately after the turn of the New Year (2014), DSTV announced that a new service, ‘BoxOffice’ has been launched online and on their Explora decoder and that this service is going to provide an unmatched type of entertainment across Africa.

Another interesting development is when DSTV partnered with Quickteller to simplify the use of this service. Here are some quick facts about the Quickteller DSTV Box office.

What is Quickteller DSTV Box Office?

BoxOffice allows anyone in Nigeria to rent and watch the latest movies that are not yet on TV from the comfort of their homes (on your Explora decoder) or on any video streaming device with broadband access. On decoders, BoxOffice is only available to Premium subscribers.

How Do I access Box Office?

To access the DSTV Box office service, you will need to sign up for the service at the Box Office Site. You will also need to sign up for a DSTV Connect ID if you don’t have one and get yourself a Quickteller Account.

How Does the Quickteller DSTV Box Office Work?

To watch movies on the Box Office, you will have to rent them by paying for them. Quickteller partnered with DSTV to provide you a payment option that does not involve you leaving your house. With Quickteller, you can top up your DSTV Box Office wallet using your Verve or Mastercard and access thousands of new and classic movies wherever you are.

How much does the Quickteller DSTV Box Office cost

It is free to sign up to the Quickteller DSTV Box Office however you are charge per rented movie. The cost of the rent depends on the type of movie you are renting but a new release will cost about N400. You can only keep rented films for 48 hours.