Nigerian Lace Styles for Weddings & Other Events

Let’s get the party started! Fashion in Nigeria has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent times. From contemporary designs to classy and conventional fashion styles, it is obvious no one wants to be left behind when it comes to the latest and reigning styles in town.

Weddings and some other big events carried by an expert corporate event company have created a steady and acceptable platform for people to show different fashion styles and opportunities for fashion designers to showcase their creativity, innovation and exciting skills with what people wear. Wait a minute!

Are you still thinking this is about the ready-made gowns and all those imported dress? Ptff! You rarely even see those in weddings these days. The evergreen Aso-ebi concept has not only been generally accepted in Nigeria, it has now cemented its place as the core for wedding guests.

If you are confused about the style to make with your Nigerian Lace for your next wedding outing, you are in the right place. Sit down and relax, this article is published just for you.

Nigerian Lace Styles for Weddings and Other Events

In recent times, fashion has been taken to a whole new level. Apart from the fact that creativity and innovation have stolen the show in the fashion world, women now proudly embrace their personalities and now boldly and confidently identify with the black culture with their fashion sense and style. This new-found comfort in wearing what one desires, while still adding a touch of their traditional heritage, is gradually encouraging many ladies to ditch the custom and create their own fashion statement.

Wedding parties and other big similar occasions have open door for these bold fashion expressions. While the men look dapper and maintain their sweet boy status, women are now expected to slay, styling up their lace materials to a whole new level.

Do you still feel left behind or out of ideas about the next style to make with your lace material for that wedding? Here are some ideas that can help spice up your next style.

It is one thing to have a nice lace material; it is another to boast a classy style that compliments it. You don’t always have to go all elegant. A simple gown with a touch of class can do the talking. This style never goes off the market. There is a reason it is rated among the best styles for wedding guests.

If you are one of those that don’t like so much attention and yet wants to feel so good in that Lace aso-ebi, then you can go for this style. Not the most elegant style in the world but it sure does the job in the simplest way possible. Exquisite.

This lace style will most likely be more appreciated by the older generation. Although it is sleek and simply remarkable, it’s relatively calm outlook makes it among the most picked designs

There is something unique about the skirt and blouse fashion style. It is comfortable to wear in and can be rocked to various occasions. Although this style goes so much better on tall and curvy ladies, ladies that are not too tall can also rock it with ease.

For those occasions you can’t afford to under-dress, it is always better to have multiply Lace style options in your wardrobe and this style is one of those you should have. You can as well decide to be creative with the sleeves and try various styles with the rear. Perfect for almost all occasions.

This year has seen lots of fashion styles erupt and this is one of the mouth-watering lace designs. This design goes better with flashy colors and accessories. Do not attempt this style if you are not ready to steal the show.

This is not the most modish of lace styles but it does the job for you in the simplest way possible. Its semi-open back style gives it a touch of class while it maintains its smart and simple appeal. Perfect for weddings and other occasions.

Lace materials might not give you all that dynamism Ankara boast, but there is one thing you cannot take away from it: class. This is one of those styles you can comfortably rock for any wedding reception or romantic dates.

If you’re thinking of going with a maxi-length skirt at your next wedding party, consider something like this design. Perfect for various occasions and cuts the mark for ladies aged between 30 and 50.

Look at this and savor the beauty of fashion for a minute! From the lovely neck design to the interesting sleeves, everything about this lace fashion style is tasteful.

If you want to go a little foreign with your aso-ebi lace material, here is one you should strongly consider. The off-shoulder design gives the style a new dimension and a plus for fashion lovers.

Do we still need to say anything about this design? One thing though, make sure your fashion designer sees this and clearly understands the concept behind it. Definitely not one for random occasions.

If you love fashion, then get your lace materials ready, this is a must-have style your wardrobe craves. Talk about class! Talk about slaying! Talk about stealing the show! Talk about this style. It’s okay to command attention in certain occasions and this style speaks even louder when rocked with the right accessories.

If you still don’t have this lace style in your wardrobe, you are probably missing out on one of the latest styles in Nigeria today. Perfect for weddings, romantic dinners and birthday parties, this style is one of the most picked styles in recent months and does not look like fading away anytime soon.

When in doubt, it is always safe to go with the classic – there are few things better for a wedding than an short-sleeve Lace gown with a mesh design.

Short free lace gowns is a delight for young ladies and it is easy to see why. They are usually freer than most other styles and can be rocked anytime and for any occasion. Another advantage of short free Ankara gowns is that they are easier to wear and move in.

Here are some other lace styles that almost make the cut

Lace material is widely regarded among the classiest traditional materials in Nigeria today. Although it does not offer as much dynamism nor give room for serious creativity like Ankara, it is still regarded among the most rated traditional materials available today. Its sleek, quality and firm appearance makes it a perfect fit for aso-ebi and puts it in a class of its own. Despite its obvious quality, getting the best styles to go with the material is core.

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