MattyBVlogs Biography And Net Worth

MattyB is an American singer and YouTube star who gained fame through his album called “Outside the Lines” which became a hit song on 27 August 2015. On YouTube, MattyB became a sensation when he did a cover on Justin Bieber’s song, “Boyfriend” which received more than 132 million views. From then, MattyB continued to do covers of famous songs which he uploads on his YouTube channel.

In 2017, MattyB did a cover of “Nothing on you” and in June 2017, he did a feature with Haschak Sisters like Gossip Girl, Slumber Party, and many others. From there the MattyB channel has known nothing but success. MattyB has featured on famous shows like Dr. Phil Show, The TODAY Show, The Wendy Williams Show, and EXTRA. His channel, MattyBVlogs has more than 14 million subscribers and earned over 2.6 billion total channel views.

MattyB Net Worth

MattyB has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He accumulated his money from revenues generated from advertisements on his YouTube channel.