Jimmy Butler has been part of the Alo sponsorship since August 2022. Jimmy donned Yoga logoed headgear and socks during his NBA matches.

Miami Heat forward Butler is renowned for his tenacity and exceptional leadership skills exhibited on the court. Born in Houston, Texas, Butler has enjoyed a remarkable career playing for various NBA teams, including the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Besides his impressive basketball prowess, Butler has also marked himself as a notable figure in brand endorsements. One prominent aspect of his endorsements is his substantial shoe deal with the renowned sportswear brand, Li-Ning. 

This partnership has allowed Butler to showcase his unique style and on-court performance while wearing Li-Ning’s innovative footwear, most notably the JB1 shoe model.

Looking closer at his recent match against the Boston Celtics, Butler was seen sporting Li-Ning’s JB1 shoes along with Alo’s white socks, creating a distinctive and personalized ensemble that reflects his individuality and dedication to his endorsed brands.

Jimmy Butler Alo Deal Breakdown

Jimmy Butler and Alo Yoga struck a deal in August 2022. He has actively promoted their products on his Instagram page, sharing multiple images with his followers.

The deal is worth around $3 million though the details were never publicized.

During Game 2 of the Heat-Knicks series, Butler made a stylish entrance, sporting a pristine white Alo hat and a matching bomber jacket. Furthermore, in all his basketball matches in 2023, Butler has been frequently seen wearing Alo Yoga’s white socks.

In February 2023, not only Butler but his teammates as well were spotted donning Alo Yoga apparel, including a beanie and a G.O.A.T jacket featuring front slash pockets, ribbed cuffs, a collar, and a full zippered front, during a Cleveland edition video.

In addition to the clothing, in November 2022, while sitting on the bench due to injury, Butler utilized Alo Yoga’s feet pillow for comfort.

Beyond apparel, Jimmy also shared a video on November 1, 2022, showcasing his workout at the Alo Yoga headquarters. This demonstrates his involvement with the brand beyond just endorsing its products, further solidifying his connection to the company.

Allo Yoga is more than just a clothing brand; it represents a vibrant community of individuals who empower and support one another.

The founders of Allo Yoga were driven by their passions and expertise in product design, leading them to create a brand that embodies their vision.
Allo Yoga seamlessly combines fashion and function to produce exceptional yoga apparel.

Their garments are performance-driven and stylish, catering to the needs and preferences of yogis. Emphasizing comfort, shaping, and figure-flattering design, Allo Yoga strives to provide clothing that enhances the overall yoga experience.

Jimmy Butler Sneakers Deal With LiNing

Butler entered into a significant multiyear endorsement contract with Li-Ning in 2020. His first signature shoe was released in October 2022.

Since 2012, Butler has been associated with Li-Ning after parting ways with the Jordan Brand. This transition marked a significant milestone in his sneaker endorsement journey. In October 2022, Butler excitingly launched his inaugural signature sneaker, the JB1, in collaboration with Li-Ning.

Paying tribute to his team and the valuable lessons he has acquired throughout his career, the shoe is elegantly crafted in the vibrant colors of the Miami Heat—orange and red—representing the team’s signature palette.

This unique design adds a personal touch and further solidifies the connection between Butler and his Miami Heat fanbase.

Joining him as brand ambassadors for Li-Ning are fellow NBA players such as free-agent swingman Evan Turner, and CJ McCollum. Another notable athlete associated with Li-Ning is the esteemed Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who signed a lifetime agreement with the brand back in 2018.

Furthermore, apart from Butler shoe deal, he has appeared in a Michelob Ultra commercial during the summer, promoting the resumption of the NBA season.

What Shoes Does Jimmy Butler Wear 2023?

In 2023, Jimmy Butler wears his personally customized signature Li-Ning shoes for every NBA game he participates in. These unique and personalized footwear options have become a staple of his on-court style.

In a recent game against the Boston Celtics, Butler sported a vibrant, multi-coloured JB1 Li-Ning shoe. He shared several images from the match on his Instagram page, one of which prominently displayed his custom-designed shoe featuring the distinctive Li-Ning logo.

Similarly, in a subsequent image posted on May 24th, Butler showcased a white Li-Ning signature JB1 shoe. Since he departed from Nike, Jimmy has predominantly been seen wearing Li-Ning basketball shoes, particularly the JB1 model, which he has personalized with various eye-catching color schemes.

Jimmy Butler Other Sponsorships and Net Worth 2023

Jimmy Butler has several sponsorship deals that includes:

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Li-Ning
  • Nestle
  • Tag Heuer
  • paid partnership with Neiman Marcus Men’s store

In addition to his partnership with Alo Yoga, Butler inked a deal with the beer brand Michelob in 2019 and has been featured in various commercials for the company.

Furthermore, Butler has a multi-year signature shoe contract with Li-Ning, solidifying his presence in the sneaker market. According to Forbes, Butler’s endorsements hold a significant value of $10 million.

Butler and Jordan Brand mutually agreed in 2020 to conclude their footwear and apparel sponsorship partnership. This marked a transition in Butler’s endorsement journey and opened the door for new ventures with Li-Ning and other brands.

Here is a list of ads and commercials that Butler has been part of:

  • Michelob Ultra airball commercial – 2023
  • ‘Space Jam’ Monstars in Jordan ad with Blake Griffin – 2016
  • Sock Monkey Commercial – 2016
  • Jimmy and Bam Adebayo’s Jungle Cruise Commercial – 2021
  • Essentia Water ad – 2022

Butler boasts an impressive net worth of $80 million. Within his initial decade in the NBA, he accumulated a staggering $140 million in salary earnings.

Furthermore, his endorsement deals contributed to his wealth with tens of millions more. A significant milestone in his career was signing a lucrative 4-year, $140 million contract in July 2019.

In the same year, Butler decided to sell his Pennsylvania residence, which is situated in Ambler. This remarkable property, listed for $6.8 million, showcased his extravagant lifestyle.