Jaylen Waddle injury update: Miami Dolphins WR injured vs New England Patriots

Jaylen Waddle harmed during Dolphins versus Loyalists game
Hit in the head while making a catch
Taken to the clinical tent for assessment

The Miami Dolphins confronted the New Britain Loyalists in a Sunday Night Football standoff during Week 2, with the game in limbo as the clock ticked down. In a critical second, Miami selected a pass play, with Tua Tagovailoa focusing on wide recipient Jaylen Waddle.

Notwithstanding, what ought to have been a normal play took a disturbing turn when Waddle was struck in the head by youngster wellbeing Marte Mapu while endeavoring to make the catch. The impact drew a punishment banner, revealing insight into the seriousness of the circumstance.

Waddle, a third-year wide collector, displayed remarkable strength as he figured out how to stroll off the field under his own power. Notwithstanding, given the idea of the injury, the Dolphins’ clinical group quickly guided him into the blue clinical tent for an exhaustive assessment.

The occurrence fills in as a distinct sign of the physical requests and dangers related with proficient football. While the Dolphins and their fans anticipate further updates on Waddle’s condition, the security and prosperity of the players stay a first concern in the NFL.