IrokoTV Free Movies: How to Find Free Movies on Iroko TV

According to their official site, iRoko TV is the number one home for trailers and movies; African and international. As a matter of fact, they rank amongst the top Entertainment On Demand (EOD) sites in Africa. In Nigeria, just a few would beat them. That’s very reasonable and factual since they have around million movie lovers subscribed to their services and over six hundred thousand (600,000) movies on their shelf for subscribers to enjoy.

To find free movies on iROKOtv, which has slowly been shrinking itself down to its android mobile app to force themselves into the ‘on-the-go’ lane, one must first have an internet enabled computer or TV, preferably Wi-Fi instead of modem, an iROKOtv subscription account and patience to allow for full downloads.

Searching for FREE MOVIES on iROKOtv isn’t the same as finding a needle in a haystack. This is simply possible since the search tab on their app or the webpage would ultimately filter out results in a really accurate manner.

To watch free movies on iROKOtv,

  • Simply log on to their site:
  • Download their app as they almost would not allow you do much without their app.
  • After app download, click on subscribe button
  • Register by filling the form and confirm your subscription via your e-mail
  • Select a payment method for your subscription and make payment respectively.

iROKOtv requires subscription to download and watch. According to iROKOtv website, subscriptions are less than the price of two meatpies. Lol! So you have an idea, how much subscription is going to cost if there word is anything to go by. You can also ask any of their customer care reps for a discount, so whatever the price is, it’s very much negotiable.

Once you’ve subscribed and your account is set up,

  • Log back on to
  • Simply type the word “FREE” into the search tab and allow it to search for less than a minute.
  • Movie results are displayed and those movies are exactly the ones you’re searching for.

The results displayed are movies that have the “FREE” tag attached to them. It is just like walking to a movie store and heading straight to the free rent shelf.

Of course you have to a member of the movie club or how else would they be rest assured you’ll make a return on your free rent. So you see why subscription is important to EOD sites.

There a lot of free movies on iROKOtv but most of them are old movies. You almost can’t find a new movie with in “FREE” catalogue. So if what you’re looking for is a new movie, hold your cash as you head to the movie store.


iROKOtv Customer Service Support: 0800-333-0000