How To Make Calls On WhatsApp

Now you can call your family and friends on your favorite chatting app WhatsApp absolutely free. Its new call feature was recently added and you can get it with the latest update if you do not see the feature already on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp call feature uses your phones internet data connection so data charges would apply and trust me it is far more cheaper than your regular calls over the network and with good quality as well.

The call feature works best over a 3G network or WiFi when available for the best call experience. Another good feature about it is that it also uses your default selected phone ringtone when one of your WhatsApp contact calls you.

How To Make WhatsApp Calls

1. To make calls simply select the “CALLS” tab option at the top left as shown.

2. Then click on the call button at the top right as shown in the image to display the list of your WhatsApp contacts you can call.

3. Select the contact you want to call and WhatsApp automatically calls the contact