Hanna Gaffney Leads The Cast Of QVC’s First Christmas Movie About Hot Chocolate

Hanna Gaffney is Holly in QVC’s Holly & The Hot Chocolate. Hanna will make her Christmas movie debut with this movie.

West Chester’s flagship shopping network QVC is making its entry with the wintery debut in the holiday movie scene. They have arrived with guns blazing, giving made-for-television moguls like Hallmark and Lifetime a run for their money.

The plotline follows Holly, a cosmopolitan film critic, played by the gorgeous Philadelphia-based actress, model, and voiceover artist Hanna Gaffney. She found herself transported to the fictional town of Pine Falls.

While she contemplated life, she crossed paths with charming, albeit humbugging, tow-truck drivers who helped to learn their holiday spirit through unique hot chocolate recipes.

In the Kitchen with David, host David Venable plays a hot chocolate vendor with Ryan Farrell, Steven Gerber, and Philadelphia area actress Olivia Gropp as cast members.

It’s safe to assume that we can not wait for its premiere on platform QVC+ on November 24.

Who Is The Philidelphia Based Actress Hanna Gaffney?

The up-and-coming actress Hanna Gaffney needs no introduction as she is the protagonist for QVC’s Holly & The Hot Chocolate.

But there is more than what meets the eye, as we have it all written down for you.

How Old Is Hanna Gaffney?

We do not have the exact information about Hanna Gaffney, but we estimate her to be a nineties kid.

Born and raised in a tiny town called Oconomowoc in Wisconsin, she grew up harmonizing with her mom and sister. She bonded with her father through video projects and wrote scripts for school projects.

So it was a no-brainer when she received her BFA in Acting and graduated from the University of Wisconsin.

The comfort of her hometown made her feel like she was lacking as she took a plunge and left the midwest to venture to the East Cost. That turned out to be the best decision of her life, as she called Philadelphia her home for the past seven years or so.

Indeed, the unwavering support of her family made her feel adored as she no longer feared the challenges thrown at her.

Hanna Gaffney’s Career So Far

Although most people may reduce Hanna Gaffney’s career to just acting, she has expanded her horizons over the years.

First, she used her years of experience as a teaching assistant at the Walnut Street Theatre Education. Sadly, the pandemic had halted the lessons until further notice, but she ensured her students would graduate with the knowledge of taking direction and the vernacular of being on-set.

Indeed, she partakes in the Chester County Art Association, where she teaches her favorite skill set, Special Effects Makeup. She works on gore effects like bruising, blood, and open wounds while having her pupils manipulate gelatin, grease paint, and liquid latex.

Singing is her hidden passion, as she cites At WOLF PAC in Bryn Mawr and the Souls Song LLC as her haven where she guides her trainees about singing, dancing, and performance.

But do not mistake her varied interest as her distance from showbiz, as she has thrived in that department.

Hanna Gaffney Got Cast As Holly In Holly and The Hot Chocolate

Her character is a food critic who had lost her holiday spirit amidst making her career. But the small town of Pine Falls is anything if not welcoming, as their special hot chocolate recipe makes every nonbeliever fall on their knees.

Like every budding talent, she had her humble beginning through theatre, partaking in Moonlight and Magnolias at The Eagle Theatre in 2018. Her later work even got her a nomination for a Barrymore Award before she signed with Reinhard Agency in 2020.

According to IMDb, she has been playing a side character since 2019 while having around five filming credits. She won hearts as a mom in the movie Hunter, as the story of a child saving his mother from a destructive father received immense appreciation from critics.

Her compelling part also won her the Best Supporting Actress Film Award from The New Jersey Film Awards in April.

Hanna Gaffney’s Husband Lance Knickerbocker Is A Writer

Hanna Gaffney’s husband Lance Knickerbocker is the man of her dreams and works as a writer, comms specialist, and full-stack developer.

We are not exactly sure when they met, but we estimate they were in Philadelphia around the same time, leading to their budding romance developing.

Hanna Gaffney and Husband Lance Met In 2018

Hanna Gaffney is a social butterfly, making friends at every turn. But her eagle-eyed fans knew something was different when she wished Lance Knickerbocker his 18th birthday as she looked cozier than the standard.

People did not have to ponder for long when she released a sweet picture of the couple kissing at an Eagles Parade the following month.

Hanna And Lance Celebrate Halloween Like Professionals

Given Hanna Gaffney’s excellent makeup skills, one would not doubt Halloween as her beloved holiday while her then-boyfriend let himself be her canvas.

They make of soulmate arrive when they compromise for the sake of a lover, as Lance got his face painted as Skin and Bones.

In 2019, they went all out with Lance dressing as the pumpkin king. The makeup was her contribution, while the jacket was a re-purposed H&M coat and the duct tape dress by Amazon. She did not forget to thank her partner for being a good sport and did not mind sitting on the chair for an hour while she did her job.

Having enough of torturing her man, she let him off for the 2020 edition, transforming into a mermaid with special effects by her friend as she did a photo shoot to commemorate the incredible art.

Lance Became Hanna Forever Plus One At Weddings

Hanna Gaffney is a sucker for weddings, as she often roped her boyfriend Lance Knickerbocker to go as her plus one.

They arrived in matching dark outfits at the Avalon Yacht Club to attend a friend’s wedding as she admitted that she let her tears fall.

In the following month, they were decked out in red for Daniel and Joe’s magical New Orleans wedding last night. The gorgeous setting at Miss Bonnie’s beautiful House of Broel came with familiar faces as they had a mini-reunion with their old friends.

Hanna Gaffney Said Yes In October 2020

After two years of dating, Lance finally goes down on one knee to ask the love of his life, Hanna, if she would marry him.

The little nook at the Longwood Gardens, where they initially had their first date, became her favorite spot as she admitted that she would agree thousand times over.

After accepting her fiancee, she expressed her gratitude for the friends and family who surprised her in the bushes and at the park. She also thanked Liz Kross Photography for catching the incredible moment in time.

They Walked Down The Aisle in August

After two years of getting engaged, Lance Knickerbocker and Hanna Gaffney exceeded expectations when they finally walked down the aisle in Dunluce Castle.

The magical event was straight out of a fairy tale, as the bride wore a green cape to combat the cold. Her yellow flower bouquet matched her laced hair gear, as her off-shoulder gown was tailored to fit her body.

It was the ceremony of their dreams, with the weather taking their side to lend them some sunshine, the most spectacular golden hour, a rainbow, and even some spooky rain during vows.

Meanwhile, their pre-wedding photo show was just as majestic, starting with The Dark Hedges before moving to Dunseverick Castle ruins on the sweeping coastline. They followed the photographs by committing holy matrimony to Dunluce Castle.

The Marred Couple Added A New Member, Pigeon

In 2022, Halloween was not about finding the right costume, as Lance Knickerbocker and Hanna Gaffney had turned from two to three. Their beloved dog, Pigeon, wanted to join in on the fun, so they decided to go with a simple sheet and become ghosts.

The family of three arrived in Wissahickon Park as they cut out eye holes in their sheets and put on their stylized sunglasses.

Pigeon became the show stealer as he refused to keep the sheet over his head for more than two seconds.