Frequencies of Free to Air Channels in Nigeria

If you’re looking for entertaining channels and you don’t want to spend money on the pay TV packages like DsTv, GoTV, Star Times or Kwese TV, you can go for the option of the Free to Air (FTA) channels.

In recent times, the FTA channels have become increasingly popular due to the increasing cost of pay TV subscription as well as some recent happenings in this FTA space. For instance, the Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) partnered with the world-leading satellite operator, SES, to launch Nigeria’s first free-to-air (FTA) DTH digital TV platform with the goal of quickening the digital migration for local and international broadcasters and to reach millions of homes in West Africa quickly and economically. This platform was launched on the SES’s ASTRA 2F satellite at 28.2° E and it will begin service in the last quarter of 2018.

Currently, SES transmits 28 FTA channels at the 28.2 degrees East neighbourhood and its partnership with CWG is expected to provide growth opportunities to both local and international broadcasters across the region.

Additionally, the platform will allow for end-to-end contribution, ground and space services to local, regional, national and international TV broadcasters across West Africa. Also, this partnership will enable SES deliver the space segment and specific ground services while CWG provides high operational standards as an SES partner.

It is interesting to note that the 28.2 degrees East orbital position is SES’s prime orbital position for West Africa and its FTA reach is one of the highest in the region.

Apart from this partnership between CWG and SES, currently there are excellent options for any interested individual look to enjoy the scores of channels in the FTA space. However, before you can start enjoying the FTA channels, you will need to know the frequencies for these channels as well as the equipments you need for the installation process.

In this post, we will take you through the process of installing FTA channels as well as the satellites and the frequencies you need to get these channels up and running.

One of the first things to note is that the FTA channels you locate depends largely on the size of your dish as well as the direction in which the dish is pointed.

If you want a larger selection of channels, it is recommended that you use a large dish. This means your dish must be at least 1.8 m with a C band.

Below are the hardware requirements for FTA channels prior to the installation process

  • Dish (90cm or 60cm). You can track multiple satellites using one dish thereby getting more FTA channels. This is done by using multiple LNB on one dish.
  • KU band LNB;
  • Quality HD and MPEG 4 satellite receivers;
  • Radio Frequency cables and;
  • A Decoder

You should note that they are many fake FTA decoders in the market so ensure you buy from authorized dealers. An example of a good decoder option is the Alphabox Decoder. This decoder cost between N8000 and N10000. You can also buy any of these options, Qsat, Freesat and Viewsat decoders. These decoders cost between N9000 and N10000.

However, you don’t have to buy these equipments yourself as you can easily contact an installer that will help you purchase these items in addition to installing them

You will find many Nigerian channels among your FTA channels as Nigeria has one of the biggest TV network on the continent with over 100 channels. Some of these channels include Galaxy TV, Channels TV, AIT, Silverbird TV, NTA, LTV, TVC, MBI, Super Screen, MITV, AKBC, ABS, ITV and COOL-TV

Also, we have included below a list of the latest free to air satellites and the dish size you should use during the process of installation:

  • Mega Choice at 29/30° East TP: 11294 H: 45000 Dish: 1m
  • Multi TV (Astra2F) at 28.2°, 28.5° and 26° East TP: 11595 H: 30000 Dish: 1m
  • Hotbird at 13° East TP:11541 H:22000 Dish: 3m
  • AFN at 9° East TP: 11804 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
  • Eutelsat at 36° East TP: 12245 H: 27500
  • Eutelsat at 7° East TP: 11599 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
  • Eutelsat at 15° East Dish: 0.9 m Sirius 4 at 5° East Dish: 0.9 m
  • Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East TP: 12633 H: 16166 Dish: 0.6 m
  • Intelsat 7 at 68.5° East TP: 12722 H: 26657 Dish: 0.6 m
  • SES at 4.8° East TP: 12014 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m (0.9 m recommended)
  • NSS7 at 22° West TP: 10986 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m

The most interesting channels can be found on the MultiTV (Astra2F) and Amos (Eutelsat16A) satellites. The expanding CWG platform situated on the ASTRA 2F satellite can be found at 28.2° East.

Here are just some of the channels included on this satellite – Star TV, ITV, EATV, Channel Ten, Star Music, France 24 English, Emmanuel TV, Star Movies +, Sky Vision etc.

Also, Amos (ABS) includes some of the best TV programs available to date. The channels you can find on this satellite include the likes of Wap TV, TVC Entertainment, Channels TV, Starmovies, African Movie Net etc.

Eutelsat 7A is another interesting option. It comprise mainly of African channels and Nollywood channels that show entertaining local movies. There is also the Intelsat7 satellite which contains over a hundred Christian channels, and all of them are free. As you can see, the range of TV stations available in free to air format is astonishing. All you have to do is reach out, and you will have an infinite amount of channels to choose from, as the list will only grow in size with time.

However, some of the FTA channels are permanently free while others are free temporarily.

Overall, FTA channels provide access to entertaining and information channels that enable you watch movies, fashion show and news etc. Also, you can watch the latest live sports games like soccer (EPL, La liga, UEFA champion league and the FIFA World Cup) on some FTA channels.