First Bank Nigeria Head Office

First Bank of Nigeria is one of the leading banks in the country.  They have their head office located in Lagos. The Lagos address is Samuel Asabia House, 35, Marina, P.O. Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria. Their telephone numbers are +234 1 9052326 and +234 1 9052000. Their email address is

First Bank is the largest financial services institution in Nigeria because of their total assets and gross earnings.  They have over 10 million customer accounts, and they have more than 750 branches across Nigeria.  The bank provides a highly comprehensive range of corporate and retail financial services to its customers.

Aside from their Nigerian branches, also have several branches in foreign lands through their subsidiaries, like Representative Offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, and Johannesburg. Their international subsidiaries are FBNBank Senegal, FBNBank Sierra-Leone, FBNBank Guinea, FBNBank Gambia, FBNBank Ghana, FBNBank DRC and other cities, like Paris and London.

The bank was founded in 1894. Over the years, First Bank has built good working relationship with its customers, and they have always focused on the fundamentals of good corporate governance. They also concentrate on developing good leadership, risk management, and high liquidity.  The bank had led the financing of several private investments in the infrastructural development arm of the Nigerian state.

First Bank had been fully involved in the commercialization and privatization scheme of the Federal Government too.  They also provide their prospective investors with opportunities for business prosperity.  First Bank had won the award for Best Bank Brand in Nigeria for four years in a row; these years were  2001, 2012, 2013 and 2014.