Everything About Brittany Smith Family: Her Parents And Sisters

Netflix’s new documentary, “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith,” centers on Brittany Smith, an Alabama woman who killed the man she said raped her. Let’s discover more information about her.

A new Netflix documentary premiering in November focuses on Brittany Smith, the woman from north Alabama convicted of murdering the guy she claims assaulted and r*ped her in her home.

“State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith,” the documentary, arrives globally on November 10, 2022. Ryan served as the film’s director, while Jessica Hargrave worked as a producer.

On January 16, 2018, Brittany, a native of Stevenson, Alabama, fatally shot Todd Smith, 38, who is unrelated to her, after he viciously assaulted and r*ped her in her own home. But she said she only murdered him to stop Todd from killing her and her brother when he refused to leave the property.

Quick Facts on Brittany Smith

Residence Stevenson, Alabama
Age (2022) 38 years old
Parents Ramona McCallie (mother)
Children 4
Siblings Chris McCallie
Known for criminal activities (shooting Todd Smith in 2018)
Full Name Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith’s Family: Her Parents and Sisters

Brittany Smith was residing with her family in Stevenson, Alabama. When referring to her parents, Ramona McCallie, who lived close by, is identified as the mother, but her father’s identification is not clear.

Smith also has four children, and although she frequently discussed them, she omitted any details about her husband. Aside from that, she has a brother named Chris McCallie, who was also attacked in January 2018 when she committed a crime.

Her incident gained national attention, and Brittany testified at the Stand Your Ground hearing that Todd had r*ped and strangled her hours before the fatal gunshot on Jan. 16, 2018.

A nurse testified that more than 30 wounds were discovered on Brittany’s neck, chest, breast, legs, arms, and feet during an assault examination conducted after the shooting. In addition, to bite marks on her neck and chin, Brittany also had fingerprint impressions on her inner thighs and bit marks on her neck.

After the trial, Brittany admitted to the murder and was given a 20-year jail term. Her family then questioned the authorities since she was incarcerated for killing a violent man who put her life in danger.

What is Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground” law?

The Stand, Your Ground law in Alabama defines circumstances in which the use of fatal physical force in self-defense or for the protection of another person is acceptable under the law.

As a result, the law permits excessive force against anybody doing or attempting to commit a crime involving murder, serious bodily harm, robbery, abduction, r*pe, and sodomy involving a child under the age of twelve.

The law also allows for the use of lethal force against someone who is in the process of entering or has unlawfully and violently entered a habitation, residence, commercial property, or inhabited vehicle under certain situations.

It further specifies that a person may use lethal force against someone attempting to remove, or has violently removed, a person against their will from a building or inhabited vehicle while the individual has a legal right to be there.

How Much Time did Brittany Smith Spend Behind Bars?

The defense team for Brittany Smith argued that she only fired her gun out of panic to save her and her brother, thereby denying the murder accusation. They claimed that the “stand your ground” statute applied to him because Todd wouldn’t leave Brittany’s house.

However, Judge Jennifer Holt ruled Brittany had been standing between Todd and the door while she pulled the trigger, giving him no way out. She claimed that the defendant was not entitled to a defense because his brother Chris brought the pistol and started the confrontation.

Brittany was given a 20-year sentence after entering a guilty plea to murder, arguing that it was “the lesser of two evils.” However, she obtained credit for time served in jail while awaiting trial and was freed 18 months later as part of a plea agreement. She was freed after being given credit for her time in custody while awaiting trial.

Where is Brittany Smith Now?

Brittany Smith spoke of her joy at free and starting over after her dramatic escape from prison.

She said to, “This is going to be in my past soon.” “It will be behind me.” It’s a satisfying sensation. Smooth sailing after the choppy waves A forthcoming Netflix documentary on her tragic case is scheduled to air on November 10, 2022.

“State of Alabama v. Brittany Smith” is anticipated to clarify the contentious issue, which at the time attracted attention on a global scale.

Some FAQs

How old is Brittany Smith?

As of 2022, Brittany Smith has reached at the age of 34. She is a mother of four.

Does Brittany Smith have supportive family?

Brittany Smith, from Stevenson, Alabama, resided with her family. They are supportive of her and even questioned the authorities after her jail sentences since she was imprisoned for killing a violent man who put her life in risk.

When will the documentary “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith” be released?

According to a Netflix trailer, the documentary “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith” will be streaming on November 10.