Donal Logue age: How old is Donal Logue?

Gotham actor Donal Logue is currently 57 years old. Logue was born on February 27, 1966, in Ottawa, Canada.

About Donal Logue

Donal Logue is the famous actor who starred as Dex in the film The Tao of Steve, and as Detective Harvey Bullock in the superhero crime series Gotham.

The Harvard graduate began acting in the early 1990s, and made his acting debut in the mokumentary film Medusa: Dare to be Truthful.

Since then, Logue has appeared in several films and TV series including “Just Like Heaven, Grounded for Life, VH1 I Love, 80s Strikes Back, House, M.D., Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City, and Door Mouse.”

Logue played the recurring role of Lt. Declan Murphy in NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He also portrayed FBI agent in The X-Files episode “Squeeze”, and featured in two of Edward Burns films: Purple Violets and The Groomsmen.

Other film credits of his include “The Equalizer, What We Do in the Shadows, Gotham, Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, Copper, Terriers, What We Do in the Shadows”, and many more.