Deborah Divine biography: All you need to know about Daniel Levy’s mother

Deborah Divine is a screenwriter, producer, and production manager who has worked on productions such as Another World, The Edge of Night, and Higgin Boys and Gruber.

The writer is also famous for being Eugene Levy wife. Together with her husband, they have two amazing kids who are also in show business.

Apart from her successful career, the 61-year-old is also known for being married to Eugene Levy, a famous Canadian actor, comedian, producer, director, and writer.

While there is not so much available information about her early life, it is known that her mother’s name was Patricia Tyler Divine. Patricia was an aspiring singer who began singing at The Royal Conservatory in the 1940s, shortly after moving to Toronto from Rhode Island. While at The Royal Conservatory, Patricia was under the tutelage of some of the most legendary voice coaches at the time, one of them being Ernesto Vinci.

However, due to financial constraints, Patricia had to cut short her voice coaching classes.

During Patricia’s 80th birthday, her daughter Deborah named a seat in Koerner Hall in honor of Patricia.

For her mother’s 80th birthday, Deborah Divine did not just want to give any gift; she wanted to create a permanent legacy for the woman whose extraordinary voice once filled the halls of The Royal Conservatory and inspired generations of her family.

Naming a seat in Koerner Hall in honor of Patricia Divine was the perfect way for Deborah to ensure her mother’s inspiring talent and passion would be forever remembered within the building where she found so much joy.