Controversy: Is Dave Grohl Leaving Spotify? 

Dave Grohl is joining Neil Young and Joni Mitchell in dropping out of Spotify. However. There have neither confirmed nor denied this rumor.

The Foo Fighters are one band whose discography may be removed from the site; however, this is only a rumor. On Saturday, while the band was trending on Twitter, users joked that Dave Grohl could “kill Spotify with “I am out.”

Spotify’s stock has lost 25% of its value this year due to this litigation, totaling over $4 billion in losses.

However, if the story is accurate, Spotify could lose more money.

As soon as the news is contained, the media may publish it.

Neil Young and Joe Rogan Drama Explained

Joni Mitchell followed Neil Young in withdrawing her music from Spotify in protest of the company’s endorsement of Joe Rogan’s anti-vaccine sentiments. Young has slammed the outlet after it hosted The Joe Rogan Experience.

Brené Brown stated on Saturday that she would stop creating new episodes of her podcasts Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead ‘until further notice.’

Many musicians are involved in this case and equally divided into both sides. 

David Draiman of Disturbed thanked Spotify for “making the correct decision” and “protecting free expression.” On the other hand, Sebastian Bach criticized artists who support Rogan over Young, stating, “Imagine calling yourself a rocker yet supporting some dude with a podcast over Neil Young.”

Joni Mitchell is the most recent artist to weigh in on the debate. The folk singer took her music off of the platform. Mitchell writes on her website, “Irresponsible people are propagating misinformation that is costing people their lives.”

Mitchell also published an open letter written by a group of doctors urging Spotify to take action against “mass-misinformation events” on their platform.