Aubrey Marcus Father Michael Marcus Is A Commodities Trader

Aubrey Marcus father Michael Phillips Marcus serves as a commodities trader. Michael Phillips has been engaged in his trading career for around 50 years.

Marcus is an American podcast host, fitness expert, CEO, entrepreneur, and author based in Austin, Texas. His most notable accomplishment is founding Onnit, a wellness company that arranges benefits for various top professional athletes throughout the world. Initially, it was established in 2010, and Marcus calls his firm “total human optimization.”

Likewise, the multifaceted personality serves as the presenter of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. With over 50 million listeners, it serves as a motivating platform for talks with the top experts in business, mindset, sports, and spirituality.

As an author, he is known for his work, the New York Times bestselling book “Own the Day, Own Your Life.” He has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and other publications.

Men’s Health and other magazines have also featured him on their covers. Awake in the Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle and Huachuma are just a few of the documentaries he has created.

Aubrey Marcus Father Michael Marcus

Aubrey Marcus father Michael Phillips Marcus started his trading career in 1972.

Interestingly, Michael turned his original investment of $30,000 into $80 million in less than two decades. When he began his trading career, he bought plywood futures with his entire savings of $7000.

When President Richard Nixon froze the prices of several commodities that year, futures contracts rose sharply. His $7000 investment has grown to $12,000 as well. Likewise, he turned $24,000 into $64,000 in 1973.

Michael gained knowledge of financial regulations while working as an analyst. Over time, he became an EVP at Commodities Corporation.

He invested in minor, OTC Bulletin Board-listed businesses through private placements, including Prospector Consolidated Resources, Encore Clean Energy Inc., and Pink Sheets Touchstone Resources.

Moreover, Michael was elected to the board of directors of ViRexx Medical Corporation at its annual general meeting on May 25, 2006.

This organization specializes in immunotherapy therapies for certain malignancies, chronic hepatitis B and C, and prolotherapy treatments for tumors.

Regarding his academic background, he received a Phi Beta Kappa degree from Johns Hopkins University before beginning a highly successful career in commodities and securities.

He has been included in several articles and books, including Jack Schwager’s best-selling “Market Wizards.”

Aubrey Marcus Mother Kathleen Harter Is A Former Tennis Player

Aburey mother Kathleen Marie Harter is also a renowned personality.

Kathleen is primarily recognized for her time as a top-ranked tennis player in the US.

She was born in Los Angeles on October 27, 1946. The renowned tennis teacher Dick Skeen initially instructed the former player at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, California.

She held the No. 7 position in the American rankings in 1965, No. 8 in 1967, and No. 5 in 1968. She also advanced to the Wimbledon semifinals in 1967 and the Australian Open quarterfinals in 1968.

But owing to persistent wrist injuries in the early 1970s, she was absent from the game for a long period. She returned to the tour in full force in 1975 but mostly competed in qualifiers or challengers.

After a year, Renee Richards, one of the original tour players, faced her off. Following her defeat, she backed Renee’s eligibility to perform on tour. Before suffering from recurrent wrist injuries, Harter was ranked #5 in the US in 1968.

By 1977, she had succeeded enough to be reinstated in the main draw of Virginia Slims tournaments.

She also had victories over top-ten competitors Dianne Fromholtz and Mima Jausovec. In the latter part of 1978, she retired from the game.

In her last season on the tour, Kathleen advanced to the semifinals in two Virginia Slims competitions. In her final competition in Buenos Aires, she and Stoll again advanced to the semifinals.

Aubrey Has Family Of His Own With Wife Vylana Marcus

Aubrey has a family of his own with his wife, Vylana Marcus.

She is a visionary sound alchemist who has devoted her life to healing the group as both an artist and a medicine woman.

She just released her album “Goddess Rise” in 2022, with “Phoenix” serving as the first single and “Out of Exile” serving as the second.

Similarly, she and her husband Aubrey manage the Fit for Service Fellowship, a selected fellowship with some of the world’s greatest trainers and specialists.

The couple tied the knot in July 2020. Vylana shared their first wedding anniversary by posting a sweet photo of them in matching outfits.

She added a lengthy post explaining how lucky she feels about him being in her life.

In September 2022, the couple remarried. Their second marriage was to their soul this time, whereas their first marriage was to their names.

On August 5, 2020, the couple launched a podcast in which they discussed how and when they first met, their friendship, and their eventual relationship and marriage.

They first came across each other during the Burning Man festival. It’s interesting to note that Vylana was aware of his open relationship at the time.

They spent time together, such as dancing, as they were in the same camp.

He shared about using psychedelic drugs while at camp and realized his mind was telling him that the intimate moment he experienced with Vylana was special.

She also felt the same while they were in Peru. After Burning Man, they stayed friends since both of them were in relationships.

Marcus later confessed his feelings for her, but she was not convinced due to his polyamorous lifestyle. Eventually, he sent her a heartfelt letter at some point, which Vylana shared, which moved her. At the time, Vylana was dating another man.

The couple, however, felt an undeniable connection when they went to ketamine meditation together since fate had intended for them to unite.

Their lives began to come together gradually but certainly, and they recognized they were ready to be together.