Adam Curry Wife Tina Snider Is A Podcaster

Adam Curry wife Tina Snider is a co-host of Curry & The Keeper podcast. Adam got married to Tina in 2019.

Adam is most known for his work as a VJ on MTV and for being one of the first celebrities to design and manage websites.

He started as a podcaster in the 2000s, co-hosting the ‘No Agenda’ program. As a result of his work, he has earned the name ‘Podfather.’

He is one of the top TV celebrities and anchors who has achieved a lot of popularity and recognition by hosting shows on television.

He has interviewed several well-known celebrities about their paths to success. His impressive and top-notch TV appearances highlight his long-standing affiliation with programs that consistently have audience-pleasing content.

After finding popularity in TV shows, he performed well as a VJ, successfully presenting MTV’s top 20 video countdowns.

Adam Curry Wife Tina Snider

Adam Curry wife Tina Snider is also involved in the same professional field as him. Tina Snider is the co-host of “Curry & The Keeper.”

Tina and Adam discuss love and life while sipping wine on the podcast. Interestingly, She is Adam’s third better half.

Their first encounters and how they ultimately got married remain a mystery.

However, Tina shared a picture of herself and her partner in September 2018. They appear to enjoy their sweet moment and candlelight meal.

On May 19, 2019, the couple exchanged vows in Austin, Texas, marking the beginning of their more than three-year marriage.

She enjoys keeping her personal life private. With about 1.3k fan followers, she maintains a private Instagram account with the identity @tinacurry33.

Adam Curry Relationship Timeline

Before Tina, Adam was involved in two marriages with Patricia Paay and Micky Hoogendijk.

Patricia is his first wife, whose full name is Patricia Anglaia Margareth Paaij. She is a well-known radio broadcaster, singer, and model from the Netherlands.

Her 40 years long musical career has made her the most well-known figure in the Netherlands. She also appears on Dutch television and in Dutch tabloid media.

Patricia Paay

As a model, Patricia is recognized as the first glamour model in the Dutch edition of Playboy.

In 2009, she made headlines by becoming Playboy’s oldest CoverGirl when she posed for the third time. She was 60 years old at the time.

It’s worth noting that Patricia and Adam have a 15-year age difference, with her being the older of the two.

The former partners married in 1989 and remained together for over 20 years before splitting in 2009.

His romantic engagement with another woman, Micky, led to their separation. From their long relationship, they became parents to a child, Christina Curry.

Micky Hoogendijk

Adam’s second wife, Micky Hoogendijk, is also a well-known personality.

She is best known for being one of the first Dutch people to be born by artificial insemination. Her mother brought her up in an international artistic setting.

His work has been displayed in Austin, Mexico, and Tokyo art exhibitions. While in terms of her acting, she has appeared in several Dutch shows such as ‘Spangen,’ ‘Blauw Blauw’, ‘Koefnoen,’ and ‘Parels en Zwijnen,’ to mention a few.

In 2008, she became the recipient of the Best Actress award in a Feature Film at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival for her role in the Dutch movie ‘Blindspot.’

In addition to her work in front of the camera, she also served as a producer and creative director.

She formed Micky Hoogendijk Productions in 2007 and began as the creative director of the Supperclub, which has locations in Amsterdam, Singapore, London, San Francisco, and Istanbul.

She was reportedly involved romantically with Curry in April 2009. They relocated to Austin, Texas, at the end of 2011, and tied the knot the following year.

Adam Curry Daughter

Adam Curry has a daughter named Christina Curry, whom he had from his first relationship with Patricia Paay.

She describes herself as antisocial and an anime enthusiast. She has lived all around Europe, including London, Los Angeles, and Rotterdam.

Christina has experience as a presenter and Dutch TV personality.

Christina has a verified Instagram handle under the username @notososadgrl. She has so far been successful in acquiring about 39k fan followers on the platform.

She has had relationships with well-known figures like Raven van Dorst, Lisa Bosveld, and former FC Twente football star Shenta Ignacio. She revealed her bisexuality on Twitter in 2013.

A short while ago, she announced on Instagram that she was seeing a person who goes by the name Curi.

The couple might be seen kissing in a picture. She captioned the shot, “Befriended for five years, and now we’re here.”

Adam Curry on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

In early 2020, Adam was featured on Joe Rogan’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’

Adam subsequently made a second appearance on September 8, 2020, when he talked about having Tourette syndrome.

He made a third appearance on the program in the same way in July 2021. On January 8, 2022, and January 25, 2023, he made his fourth and fifth appearances on the program.

With his latest appearance, he and Joe discussed the probable US ban on TikTok. Adam stated that the Chinese social media app TikTok would soon be banned entirely in the US.

The host, Joe Rogan, referred to TikTok’s privacy statement and called the app ‘an extraordinarily invasive software.’ He made it clear that he opposes the Chinese government’s use of TikTok for data mining.

He believed that to prevent TikTok from generating more ad revenue than them, US-band firms are lobbying US legislators for a TikTok ban.