10 Top Cloud Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Cloud server hosting in Nigeria is generally becoming popular although many have not yet gotten to know how it works. There are a few hosting companies in Nigeria that offer this service based off the model of Mustard IT in London. This article took some time in research to find out and list the top 10 cloud hosting companies in Nigeria. I hope you find the list helpful and we will do our best to keep it updated with time. However before I begin, I will define what cloud hosting is all about.


What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting uses a simple cloud computing technology to use the available resources of a server and distributing them equally so that no server is overloaded. This makes the servers work at higher efficiency.

What are the benefits of using cloud hosting in Nigeria?

If you are a large enterprise, there are major gains of using cloud hosting in Nigeria which are:

  • 100% optimization: there is a higher optimization rate as resources are distributed between different servers and hosts. Therefore an advantage is created.
  • Pricing: when I was doing this research, I discovered that due to the effectiveness of these type of hosting so many things can be done with it. Email hosting and other webhosting needs are quickly achieved through cloud hosting.
  • You can host not just websites but other applications with cloud computing technology.

So the choice of the provider you choose determines how much resources you get although I have observed that they offer more for cheaper rates. So my take is that cloud hosting in Nigeria is cheaper than the conventional hosting that we know depending on the plan you choose.


Checklist on Cloud Hosting Before Payment

  • Up-Time: just like the tradition web hosting companies, cloud host should present a good up-time record. You don’t want your website to be down always. If this ever happens, your site visitors may think that your website was a scam. You loose repeat visitors and money. So ensure that they have a record of 99.9 percent up-time. This is very critical to your success online.
  • Pricing: Cloud hosting in Nigeria should make you check the prices of different providers. I have included top ten below and this list should give you a rundown of things. You should visit most of the sites and compare various cloud hosting plans and prices. Some could be pretty cheap.
  • Up Scaling. It does not matter where you begin from, you need to scale up things. So if you bought a limited plan, they should offer you the ability to scale up and upgrade to higher packages.

With all the features and explanations mentioned above, in no particular order I will list from my research the top 10 list of cloud hosing companies in Nigeria

10 Top Cloud Hosting Companies in Nigeria: