Does Flaviar ship monthly?

Flaviar offers free shipping for one bottle or taster pack per month. Aside from the discount and an occasional deal, free shipping is one of the biggest perks.

How much does a Flaviar subscription cost?

What is Flaviar? An annual membership billed once a year is $300, while a quarterly membership is $95 and billed every three months.

Is Flaviar membership worth?

Short answer, no. The longer answer is just buy a bottle a month, or better yet, join a local club. sign up at your local stores for their “tasting emails” and go to those. I have a subscription and it has worth it for me for the once a month free bottle shipping.

How does Flaviar ship legally?

We work with a network of licensed retail partners from across the US. We also work with retailers worldwide who ship to our international members. Your orders will ship from the vendor with the best price that is closest to you, in this order. Our vendors rely on various third-party courier services.

How long does it take for Flaviar to deliver?

Most orders arrive within 4 day, but could be up to 14 days, depending on the season and individual items ordered.

How do you earn credits on Flaviar?

There are a number of ways for our members to gain credits. You can spend credits on all non-recurring transactions: Tasting Boxes, Bottles, shipping costs, and Gifts. Credits expire 6 months after you earn them. Current balance and status of the credits can be reviewed by logging into your Flaviar Account.

Is Flaviar a good deal?

If you are looking for whiskey deals, this membership is not for you. If you exclusively want to find rare whiskey ($1000+ bottles), you won’t get that at Flaviar either. However, if you want to learn about what you’re drinking, and get access to a wide variety of booze in a fun way, then this is a great club to join.

How does Flaviar verify age?

By becoming a member, you confirm that you’re of legal minimum age for purchasing alcohol in your respective country (at least 21 years old in the US) and you agree to receive e-mail and SMS membership confirmation, benefits you have as a member, and e-mails and SMS regarding our latest offers.

What comes in the Flaviar welcome box?

The Products: Quarterly curated tasting packs that contain 3 x 1.5 oz. vials of premium spirits from around the world. (Membership also includes access to bottle offers and the Flaviar Vault, rare, vintage and exclusive drams in bottle and sample size, and free shipping on any number of bottles or Tasting Boxes.)