Ameny’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro Ancient Egyptian general
Is Military personnel 
From Egypt 
Type Military 
Gender male

Ameny was an Ancient Egyptian official of the Twelfth Dynasty, most likely in office under king Amenemhat II. Ameny was great overseer of the troops and is mainly known from a series of stelae (Paris, Louvre C 35, Cairo CG 20546, London, British Museum 162 once set up at Abydos and there adorning a chapel. On these stelae he bears the most important ranking titles member of the elite, foremost of action, royal sealer and sole friend. As great overseer of the troops he was the leading official at the royal responsible organizing manpower that was used in military enterprises, but also for building projects. Ameny was the son of a person called Qebu. On each stelae a different wife is mentioned. These are Itet, Renefankh and Medhu. His tomb was found at Lisht, but is not yet fully excavated. The stelae of Ameny are not dated by any king’s name. However, on stylistical grounds they most likely date under king Senusret I and Amenemhat II.. Some of the biographical phrases on the stelae indicate a date more precisely under the latter king.