How do you open a Vitamix?

How do I use my Vitamix lid?

Can you disassemble a Vitamix blender?

Never attempt to disassemble the blade assembly or motor base. Call Customer Service at 800-848-2649 or email information regarding repair services. Customers outside the U.S.A. and Canada should contact their local dealer.

Why does my Vitamix smell?

Open Why does my Vitamix machine smell like it’s burning? Although all motors are tested at the Vitamix factory, heavy use will cause further curing of the motor windings in new machines. This curing gives off a burning smell and is typical for wound motors. This smell will quickly dissipate after a few heavy uses.

How do I get something out of the bottom of my Vitamix?

Basically you need something to scoop out the food that fits easily between each blade. Also another method is to turn it upside down and manually spin the blades back and forth with your hand.

How do you self clean a Vitamix?


The 64-ounce low-profile container is self-cleaning, like all Vitamix blenders. Just add a drop of dish soap to the container, fill it halfway with warm water, and blend on your machine’s highest speed for 30 to 60 seconds. The A3500 features a self-cleaning program setting for added convenience.

What’s better Vitamix or ninja?

The Winner. These two blenders are nearly neck and neck in our tests. The Vitamix scores slightly higher for making soup, but Ninja rates a little better for ease of use. They’re tied in the icy drinks, ice crushing, and noise tests.

What happens if you put a Vitamix in the dishwasher?

While the carafe of some newer models of Vitamix blenders are top rack dishwasher safe, to prolong the blender’s life and beauty, we don’t recommend running it through the dishwasher. Thankfully, there’s no need to, as cleaning your blender is ridiculously easy.

How long will vitamix last?

The average lifespan of a Vitamix is about 10 years with regular use, though this can vary depending on the model you purchase and it’s quality. The Vitamix will last for years of daily use without breaking down or slowing down because it was built to last. They come with a 5 to 10-year warranty.

Do Vitamix blades need to be sharpened?

Vitamix blades, actually, are dull on new units. If you think your blades need sharpening, you might want to send your unit in for repair. Vita-mix won’t sharpen the blades, but they will give you a tune-up for free!

Why is my Vitamix container cloudy?

Vitamix containers can turn cloudy over time from mineral build-up. The minerals come from your water supply (in hard water areas) and from your fruits and veggies.

How do I clean my cloudy vitamix?

How to Clean a Cloudy Blender
  1. Pour one cup of white vinegar into the container.
  2. Fill the contain half-full with warm water.
  3. Let the container soak in an upright, standing position for several hours or even overnight.
  4. Pour the contents out and use a soft pot scrubber to clean the remaining residue.

Can you put vitamix in fridge?

Don’t put the container in the refrigerator or freezer

We used to do it before learning not to. But don’t place a half-full container in the fridge or freezer. The extreme temperatures affect bearings in the Vitamix’s blade assembly. Use a mason jar or reusable container to store leftovers instead.

How do I put ingredients in Vitamix?

For the fastest, smoothest blends, add ingredients to the container in the order they appear in the recipe: liquids, soft fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, frozen ingredients, nuts and seeds. Start the machine on Variable 1 and slowly increase to its highest speed. Blend for 45 seconds, or to desired smoothness.

Can I make shaved ice with my Vitamix?

Cool off from a hot summer day with homemade snow cones! Crushing ice into “snow” in a Vitamix is easy as long as you don’t try to make too much at once. Just toss in ice and blend for a few seconds.

Can you use a Vitamix as a food processor?

Yes, you can use your Vitamix to do some food processor tasks. You can do some chopping and mixing, but cannot do any slicing.

Can you blend dry ingredients in Vitamix?

The Dry Grains Container is specifically designed to handle ingredients like grains, cereal, coffee, and bread dough. If you only occasionally grind flours or other dry ingredients, and don’t care about using the Vitamix for bread making, than you can probably get away with just the standard wet container.

Can I grind spices in my Vitamix?

The Vitamix is a high-powered blender that can grind spices. 2. It has a powerful motor and blade system to pulverize anything you put in it, including whole spices. The blades are sharp enough to grind spices without getting them stuck in the blade.